Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It List: Tuesday

N'Dambi (Good Records): Free Show at 9 PM. Here is a description from our show site: On her exciting Stax debut "Pink Elephant," N'Dambi ingeniously distills soul-deep inspiration into a sensual style of elegance and power. She has learned well from her mentor Erykah Badu successfully blending Betty Davis and Isaac Hayes by way of a female from Dallas. This is the day the album drops NATIONALLY so let's celebrate in style with Dallas' own N'Dambi and make her feel like she is in NYC or LA.

Slingshot Dakota/Big Fiction/Neil And The Deal (1919 Hemphill)

Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge): Tonight's guest is Schwa.

90's Night With Yeah Def (Hailey's)

Insane Clown Posse/(hed) p.e./The Dayton Family (The Palladium): Possibly the all-time magnet of an easy target for people with no taste to make fun of. The group's fans are usually the real object of ridicule, however much of it is small town ignorance and misguided suburban rage on display, something that I find too easy, obvious, and ultimately too depressing to laugh at. I mean, I "get it," but try finding this funny, for instance.


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