Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Fancy Fist (The Cavern): Sally Glass makes her triumphant return to Dallas at The Cavern this evening, after being overseas for much longer than she said she would, but who could blame her? Garden Ridge will still be here when you get back. It sounds like Glass went in a more loose and disjointed direction judging by some of the more recent recordings on her music page, but there's no telling if that will work its way into tonight's set. Either way, glad to have one of the best "scene diplomats" back in town. Certainly more diplomatic than us, that's for sure...

These Arms Are Snakes/DD/MM/YYYY/Broadcast Sea (Rubber Gloves) presents The Ish: DJ Flip Millionz of Three Six Mafia/Jason Faries/WISH FM (Ghost Bar): This is an "unofficial afterparty" for the Kings Of Leon show, however here's to hoping tonight's attendees won't feel the need to endure such a terrible event in order to come to this afterward. RSVP here.

Wacky Wednesday with DJ Playboy/Select/DJ Josh (Zubar)

Yeah Def presents No Homework: Diff Note (Hailey's): Featuring dubstep, fidget, and techhouse.

Snow Patrol/Plain White T's (The Palladium)

Kings Of Leon/White Lies (American Airlines Center): The ultimate bro band: made up of bros, loved by bros, there is no end to the extreme bro quotient that will be on display here. Brociology 101 Extra Credit: There will be so many bros at The AAC, take advantage of the rare opportunity to witness bros actually getting annoyed that there are so many other bros there. It will make your head spin trying to figure out the depth and complexity of such unselfconscious self-hatred.


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