Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Railcars/Kampfgrounds/Hail/Stoned Men (Rubber Gloves): Stoned Men picks up where Scoff left off, featuring Adrian Scoff and Kasee Scoff (not their real last names) on guitar and drums respectively, with both gentlemen handling the vocals. Scoff was a bizarre little group that played a mangled style of punk and they quickly became a beloved live act, at least amongst who attend house shows. Whether or not the mangling was intentional, I find to be a rather unimportant detail. I miss their video fliers, and I wish they would have made one for this show.

Kampfgrounds is another fairly new act featuring slightly agitated and sometimes just barely annoyed vocals over straight-forward yet dynamic guitar rock. The songs seem simple yet keep changing over their duration, and makes one wonder how well this comes off live, but it seems worth exploring more.

NOTE: This show was moved from The Majestic Dwelling Of Doom, due to a recent flooding and the cover is $3.

Railcars/Ghetto $lang (Good Records): Once again, we have a band that is much more pop-oriented than I would expect from an act I've seen described as experimental punk in more than one place, but that doesn't mean they are entirely dismissible. Railcars' method involves warping the sound of the melodies and somewhat standard pop song structures through a variety of effects and toys, but it's still pretty catchy music and people who seek out the slightly off yet mostly accessible would not be disappointed by giving this a chance, especially for free.

According to the description on our show calendar, Ghetto $lang is the project of Good Records customers, Tony Martinez and Nick Munoz, and it seems to be a campy mix of dance beats, cuttingly shrill keyboard sounds, and campy vocals that venture into balladeer territory.

Hormones/DJ Wild In The Streets (The Cavern): Tonight's Detour performance is a CD release show for distorted bass, rock duo, The Hormones. presents The Ish: Redsean/Tommy L33 Jon3z (Ghost Bar): This event has been apparently been very well-attended so far, and I can't believe redsean: One night he's carrying DJ equipment around the puddles that lie in the little alley next to Meridian Room, and the next day he's all way up on the 33rd floor of The W. That's one busy guy.


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