Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Whatever Rock

MON: Hymns/The O's/Somebody's Darling (City Tavern)
MON: Sunny Day Real Estate/Jealous Sound (Granada)
TUE: Insane Clown Posse (Palladium)
WED:These Arms Are Snakes/DD/MM/YYY/Broadcast Sea (Rubber Gloves)
THU: Bad Sports/Old Snack/Jail (Double Wide)
THU: David Bazan Band/Say Hi (Dan's Silver Leaf)
THU: The Soft Pack/Hymns/The Cocky Americans (The Cavern)
THU: The Fox And The Bird/The Hand Combine/Seryn (The Lounge)
FRI: Wilco/Liam Finn (The Palladium)
FRI: Babyface/K'Jon (Nokia)
FRI: Wavves/Ganglians/El Paso Hot Button (The Lounge)
SAT: Muhammadali/Sleepies/Big Fiction/Legsweeper (Phoenix Project)
SAT: This Old House/Dust Congress/Bosque Brown/My Gold Mask (Rubber Gloves)
SUN: Dysrhythmia/Four Days To Burn/Vaste Burai/Baring Teeth (Phoenix Project)


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