Friday, October 09, 2009

Weekender (Friday Only)

Pathetic attempt, but there were a lot of problems today. These are the shows just for tonight. We'll try to be back tomorrow with the rest of the weekend. Thanks.

Wilco/Liam Finn (The Palladium)

Babyface/K'Jon (Nokia)

Wavves/Ganglians/El Paso Hot Button (The Lounge)

Black Fridays with Keith P/Redsean/Young Adult Fiction (Fallout Lounge)

Telefones/Superman's Girlfriend/Assassins/The Devices/Fallen Idols (Lakewood Theater)

Bridges And Blinking Lights/Crooks/The Room Sounds (Double Wide)

Sans Soleil/My Empty Phantom/Hymns/OK Sweetheart (Hailey's)

edit: All shows at the lounge are byob this weekend.. waves is running late, and won't go on until 11:30.


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