Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Dethklok/Mastodon/High on Fire/Converge (House of Blues): Pretty tough show at The HOB, but having so many big names on the bill practically makes that an inevitability. Most of these metal and hardcore acts have, at one time or another, done some impressive things, but I can't completely vouch for any of them at this point. High On Fire would be the group I would have the most confidence in as far as withstanding the effects of time on a band's intimidation factor, however, they had to completely ruin it by selling Koozies that say "Get Wasted" on their music page. Converge were once the flagship exception for people who couldn't stand metalcore, however that reputation seems to have dwindled over the past couple of records. I can not believe they have been together for almost twenty years. That's more than enough time for those black hoodies to have faded to grey by now.

Schwassanova featuring Schwa and Genova (Ghostbar)

Slider Pines/DJ Slim (The Cavern)

Cheap Time/Uptown Bums/Bad Sports (J&Js): Cheap Time is technically the one touring act here, a Tennessee garage rock band that once included members of Be Your Own Pet, however that isn't really reflected in their music and is largely irrelevant now. Cheap Time attempts more than one style of songwriting, which is not always the case with these acts and there are certainly a number of them that take a twisted amount of pride in their one-dimensionality. Thankfully they are not one of them, and there are little hints of glam and even New Wave sprinkled throughout.

I hope we don't see less of Bad Sports now that founding member Orvilee Neely is living in Austin, but I don't blame him for moving. Denton is one of the few places in Texas where you can't get a decent meal even when the sun is still out.


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