Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning Rock


MON: Neko Case/Oh No Oh My (The Granada)
MON: Local H/Engine Orchestra/Kinch (The Lounge)
TUE: Puscifer (The Palladium)
WED: A Sunny Day In Glasgow/Water Falls/Binary Sunrise (The Cavern)
WED: Three Inches Of Blood/Saviours/Holy Grail/Vast Burai (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Retro Spectro/Blank Blank/Orange Coax/Stoned Men (1919 Hemphill)
FRI: Cursive/Capgun Coup/Old Cranes/The Timeline Post (Hailey's)
SAT: Mundo/Mark J/Chrisko (Green Elephant)
SAT: The England Ram A Band/Hard Times/Har Herrar/The County Lines/Tukr/Shaina Ferris/Joey Kendall (The Porch In Romney, TX)
SAT: J. Tillman/Pearly Gate Music/Sleep Whale (Hailey's)
SAT: Real Estate (City Tavern)
SUN: MFM/Evolve/Habeeb/A Fail Association/The Watchers/Lil Foot/In Girum Imus Nocte (Wasted Words Art Collective located at 2404 S. Fielder Rd. in Arlington)
SUN: DJ G/Yeah Def (Hailey's)


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