Tuesday, February 09, 2010

it list & not new music tuesday

Not a whole lot going tonight, Fair to Midland got into a crash and need money for a tow truck or something so people are playing at the Boiler Room. Yeah Def needs people to party like it's the 90's. As for me? There is only one thing I need, and that is Not New Music Tuesday.

Henry's Dress
Bust em Green
Slumberland 1996
If you like... Pains of Being Pure at Heart, My Bloody Valentine, The Vaselines, Fergus & Geronimo, Final Club

If I wanted to I could fill every week here with a different release from Slumberland Records. Luckily Slumberland has done a great job of keeping their stuff in print. One album that is currently out of print, with the cheapest used copy going for around $100 on Amazon, would be Henry’s Dress’s full length Bust 'em Green. The album is just barely over twenty five minutes, but packs in enough distorted indie pop to satisfy any Jesus and Mary Chain junkie.

Henry’s Dress remind me of some of the local bands around that are playing quick, punchy guitar pop with a foundation in 60’s pop hooks and medleys. The songs here are barely produced, very raw and short. Adhering to my favorite kind of pop, the band juxtaposes the raw distorted clang of a barely tuned guitar with the naivete shout/spoken lyrics covering loneliness and love lorn depravity. Plus you can dance to it!

Henry's Dress broke up shortly after this album was released. Lead singer and guitarist Amy Linton went on directly to form another Slumberland great The Aislers Set. That project has a very similar sound, but more refined and thought out. Aisler's Set is definitely the better band but they do not match Henry's Dress when it comes to pure pop brutality.

Again the link will go down after a week so if you want it get it. This will make a perfect match for your Valentines night alone with Adrian Tomine comics and a bottle of Merlot.

check it out

ADD: Just wanted to add that Joseph D. Ketner II,is speaking in the auditorium at the The Fort Worth Modern. Ketner is the organizer of the highly anticipated Andy Warhol: The Last Decade exhibition that's opening this Sunday. Seating begins at 630 pm, so leave now. If you aren't lucky enough to be one of the first 250 guests, they will broadcast the lecture live at the always excellent Café Modern. -(DL)


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