Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It List: Wednesday

The Residents (Granada): Where does one even begin in trying to explain or convey the mystique, impact, and intrigue of this group? Well, a brief summary doesn't do them justice, but what you should know or probably already know is that they are costumed, little is known about their actual identities (outside of know-it-all music dorks, of course), they have been a band for 41(!) years, and their overall conceptual approach to their art has been incredibly influential to many musicians and fans the world over.

Now none of their disguises or concepts would really matter all that much if they hadn't made such arresting music. Armed with both a gifted guitarist (the late Snakefinger), as well as an untouchable ability to make powerfully creepy melodies, they have bewildered and inspired fans through a powerful mixture of parody, repetition, quirkiness, and ability longer than many of us can possibly imagine. The Kubrick-like video above is a good place to start if you've ever run across their eyeball-adorned work in the racks, or to remind yourself why you should make every effort to make it to what will most likely be one of the most unique spectacles in DFW this year. Somebody mentioned that the group has never been the same without Snakefinger, and while that's certainly an understandable position, some video-taped evidence on the web suggests that this will still be unlike anything else you're likely to see anytime soon.

The Ish with Yeah Def/Ocelot/indo (Ghost Bar): Some of the punk rockers may turn their noses up at this event, but you may want to check out Ocelot since it includes former North Texas resident Cory Kilduff, late of both electronic/hardcore act The Rise and local ska-punk band Policy. Anyone remember those days? I wish I didn't. I think it's a very good thing to evolve and play whatever type of music you feel like making, but sometimes I look at some of the screamo music or ska bands that people used to be in, and it really scares me to imagine what kind of dance music some of those same people are now making.

Timbaland/Down With Webster/The Bright (House Of Blues)


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