Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It List: Wednesday

It's rare that a flier alone can sell me on a show, but look at that thing, man.

Worn In Red/Decades/Dark Forces/Big Fiction (1919 Hemphill)

The ISH with Steve Aoki (Ghost Bar)

Dinner & B-Movie w/Video Rehab (Tradewinds, located at 2843 W Davis in Oak Cliff) Tonight's theme is the not-so-subtly titled "Yellow Fever," and an Indonesian horror film from 1981, Mystics In Bali, will be the main feature, as well as a 30 minute documentary on Indonesian horror films, trailers, and "best of" clips. There's also pizza and drinks involved, which I'm sure is good news to most of you.

House Of Tinnitus Presents "Fucked In The Basement" with Swamp Tease/Ancestral Diet/Taboo/Nite Shadez (J&J's Pizza): Pretty self explanatory: show is not at House Of Tinnitus, but presented by House Of Tinnitus, so don't go to House of Tinnitus; go to J&J's. At 8.

I couldn't track down any actual sounds for these acts, but Tinnitus has a better track record than pretty much any place around here, so I still recommend this confidently. Even if it's the worst thing ever, it's probably still awesome, know what I mean? One of these bands, Taboo, has been compared to Destroy All Monsters, which not only bodes well, but should be a life goal for anyone in just about any band.

Finally, I really love H.O.T. founder Rob Buttrum's description for the show, as always, but I was especially taken by the descriptive selling of his own Nite Shadez project, which involves "six tape decks, six televisions, one VCR, one reel to reel, two mics, two destruction etc.," but he finishes it off with "ARE YOU READY TO WATCH TV???" Why, yes. Yes, I am.


Tip Off with Roddy Beaubois (Lost Society, located at 2008 Greenville Ave.)

Welcome To Dallas Party With Jason Terry (Boardroom, located at 2990 Olive St in Dallas)


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