Friday, February 05, 2010


Pretty slow weekend, but thanks to FP for putting most of this together. Also want to give props to Cliff Notes for making some nice little design changes around here... there's more to come, so look out. Shows:


ADD: Big J/Hot Britches (Plush Basement located at 1400 Main in Dallas): The seems to be the natural successor to replace the gaping nightlife void left by the shuttered Suite Basement. Austin's Hot Britches will be along to help out local favorite, Big J. -DL

Yellow Crystal Star/Jonathan Horne/Unprotected Sex/Rakasan, Colossi/Millinarl Expunger (Wasted Words, Arlington)

Cartright/Young and Brave/Pinebox Serenade/Dust Congress/No Heroes/Fire Nation (Rubber Gloves): Ahh, reminds me of the old Yellow House a little.

Julie Dorion/Bowerbirds/Fox and the Bird: Julie Dorion's latest album is really good and hearkens back to her work with Eric's Trip. I wish I would have picked it up earlier because it probably would have made it on my best of the year list. I don't know who the hell the Bowerbirds or why they are headlining this show and not Julie. After listening to a sampling of their music, they sound rather bland and uninteresting, riding the Beach House train to indie successville. Maybe it's because they have one of those band Myspace pages where their faces are really big at the top with all the fancy graphics.

Thank you to the NX35 blog for calling us out on our hate of the local folk scene when mentioning the Fox and the Bird in one of their recent features. You might remember a couple of weeks ago when I completely eviscerated Fox and The Bird with such quotes as " I was really captivated by The Fox's performance" and I bet the band had trouble getting on stage after I said they are "more exciting than the standard folk outfits" We don't hate folk music, just boring insipid folk music.

Astroblaque presents Soular Power (Fallout Lounge)
: Spinning dub, kraut, funk, garage, post punk, everything.

Congradulation/Funkotron (Hailey's)

Fizzy Dino Pop/Sore Losers (Cold Fusion Lounge): Cold what what?

RTB2/Orange Peel Sunshine/Cocky Americans (Rubber Gloves)

Keller Willams/That 1 Guy (Granada)


Alec Ounsworth (Hailey's): What happens when Pitchfork buzz doesn't work out in the long term.

DUB ASSEMBLY with 16bit/Mundo/Royal Highnuss/LDFD (Green Elephant)

Away From The Numbers presents: Madchester, A Celebration of the Music of Mancheseter with Telegram Sam/Gabriel/DJ G
(Fallout Lounge): Another great installment in the Away From the Numbers series which happens the first Saturday of every month. This month they are focusing on Manchester. Hopefully this is not one of those events where you dress up because I can't think of worst time/place for fashion. Luckily most of the music is pretty rad and danceable, featuring...

Buzzcocks, Martin Hannett, Joy Division, Stone Roses, FAC51, A Certain Ratio, Baggy Jeans, New Order, The Fall, So It Goes, Slaughter & the Dogs, The Smiths, Bez, Happy Mondays, Salford Lad's Club, Magazine, Devoto, The Factory, Ecstacy, Mike Pickering, Morrissey, James, Tony Wilson, 808 State, The Verve, Barney and Hooky, Monaco, Section 25, Voodoo Ray, The Charlatans UK, Acid House, Graeme Park, Electronic, Revenge, The Other Two, 24 Hour Party People, Quando Quango, Inspiral Carpets, The Durutti Column, The Chameleons, Warsaw, Ceremony, Shack Up, Greg Wilson's Funk Night, Black Grape, She's Lost Control, I Am the Resurrection, Ian Brown ,Mark E. Smith, Johnny Marr, and all things Manchester + Hacienda Classics!

RTB2/Orange Peel Sunshine/Cocky Americans (Double Wide)


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