Thursday, March 11, 2010

It List: Thursday

Just a reminder that if you are wanting to see any of the shows in Denton tonight there is some festival going on so it will cost $20 to get in without a wristband blah blah blah... Why hasn't anyone emailed me a wristband yet?

Xiu Xiu | Girl in Coma | Noveller (The Cavern)

Darktown Strutters | PVC Street Gang (City Tavern)

History At Our Disposal | New Science Projects | Nervous Curtains | The Timeline Post| Drink to Victory (Andy's)

Fox and the Bird | The Beaten Sea | Sabra Laval | Delmore Pilcrow (Jupiter House)

Julianna Barwick | Doug Burr | The POLYCORNS | Seryn | Glen Farris (Sweetwater)


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