Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Isaac Hoskins(The Heelers) | Madeline Adams & The White Flag Band | Star Commander(Rubber Gloves)

It has always baffled me how Athen's Madeline hasn't made it to the ranks of the indie elite singer songwriters. She is popular and has been constantly touring since the release of her brilliant debut Kissing and Dancing but hasn't made that break through into the minor major league like some comparable artist (St. Vincent, Norah Jones,Regina Spector) Madeline's voice is beautiful. Crystal clear yet still emotive, lacking the hollow theatrics of some lesser performers. I would listen to her if she just did covers, but luckily she is also a very talented songwriter. Her songs are smart and confident with out being smug which can be tough. Her most recent work has become much richer musically with the aide of a bigger band. This new direction seems to have interfered with some elements of the songwriting that keeps out of print copies of Kissing and Dancing close to a select few hearts. It is still strong but some of the loose and abstract qualities shown on those earlier recordings seem to have been tamed in favor of the "band" sound. Which while a tad disappointing is cool by me and it seems like a natural progression. Her most recent album came out on Orange Twin records. Should be a good show.

This is the first of thirteen days of consecutive shows at Rubber Gloves, thanks for keeping us busy.

90's Night (Hailey's)

Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge)


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