Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Listen to the kid's music. Way too ahead of his time.

Little Birds/Madeline/Fancy Fist (Amsterdam Bar): As far as singer songwriters go, these are three of some of the least grating and most easily digestible. This is especially the case with the always underrated vocal ability of Mckinney's Brooke Opie, of Little Birds, who just might steal the show. This event also celebrates the group's new record, A Secret In Your Ear.

The Angelus/Sans Soleil/Waterfalls/Jenn Gooch (Rubber Gloves): This is the second show put on conjunction with an opening at The Meme Gallery, located right next door to Rubber Gloves.

Soft Environmental Collapse/Fizzy Dino Pop/Cody Poole (The Cavern)

The Ish with Blake Ward/Bandit (Ghost Bar)

Video Rehab: Dr. Caligari/Corey Haim Retrospective (Tradewinds)


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