Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Wild In The Streets (Lee Harvey's)

Atari Teenage Riot/The Krum Bums/Razorblade Dolls (Trees): I am the wrong guy to be previewing this, but I will tell you that I distinctly remember there being a great divide with the youth at my school when this band came to prominence. All of a sudden some of the punk crowd started getting into "digital hardcore" once they became disciples of the genre, and the wildly unimaginative record label of the same name. There were fights over whether it was actually more punk to use digital beats, and being openly anti-fascist became hip again amongst people who had never had to live with the fairly recent historical memory of fascism destroying their society. A lot of us found this all pretty silly. But one thing I know and can respect about ATR, is that they were obviously a huge influence on a number of people to search for other things besides the sort of bland 90's punk that was so prevalent at the time, and start researching other less rigid genres of extreme music. Which is always a good thing. Also, watching the huge recent outpouring of nostalgia over this band has been very entertaining. My only bit of nostalgia stems from the fact that they once worked with The Arsonists, who I saw at the rather awful Matador 10th Anniversary Party. Guess how old that label is now. Further adding to the fun: The Krum Bums are opening.

Screening: Black Roses (Dan's Silverleaf): From the invite:

Just in time for the start of school, a free screening of John Fasano's metal horror epic, "Black Roses." When the town of Mill Basin is chosen to kick off the hot new metal sensations Black Roses world tour, the devoted high school fans are thrilled, but the old fogies in the town are pissed! Ends up that the band is actually a bunch of demons from hell disguised in tight leather pants and feathered hair. The band plays a brutal concert and slowly but surely everybody in town gets totally tasted by these hell spawn. Cheesy as fuck, with some killer tunes and above-average special effects. Not to be missed!

Stay after the movie and get hammered while jamming to the all vinyl cuts from DJ Boatdad and Stevie Nipps.

Ratatat/Dom/Bobby Birdman (Palladium): I don't know what to say about Ratatat at this point. But the biggest fan I know is a guy that went to Germany to pick out his new Audi, so hey, at least their fans can afford their merch.

Singles Going Steady with DJ Peepers and guest DJ Krautryn Faustvo (Rubber Gloves)


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