Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Guided by Voices/Times New Viking (The Loft): Well we didn't make it much of a secret that we were really looking forward to the classic line up Guided by Voices reunion tour, and I would certainly say that this band was one of the first truly underground bands I was ever exposed to back in the early 90s, and one of the first groups I became really devoted to as a result. As I was putting today's list together, though, I wondered what a band like Guided by Voices might sound like to me now, and whether my impression of them would be any different after diving head first into all kinds of obscure music and living through not only the first but the second wave of fashionable lo-fi. On the one hand, there's nothing too mysterious about what Guided by Voices does, and it was certainly never super impressive to reference Cheap Trick, but on the other hand, I can't think of another band that does what Bob Pollard and company do so well, and perhaps this quality transcends time, technology and scenes. I wonder what any of you readers, who weren't around to hear them the first time, think of this music? Either way, pretty much all of us here at WSJR HQ love these guys, and I'd consider this one of the must see shows of the year. Apparently its not sold out either. Anyway, read last week's interview with Bob Pollard here, and ponder what Times New Viking have grown into since the time we co-hosted them in Denton along with Strawberry Fields.

Tyvek (the Cavern): Ok, so Tyvek's Myspace page says that they're playing a show at the Cavern tonight, although the show isn't listed on the Cavern's website or anywhere else for that matter. So, lets hope they are actually playing tonight, and I do know that they're touring at least, as I caught them here in Chicago a few weeks ago. The Detroit band's self titled full length from last year has been a record I've admired for some time now, reminding me of everything from early Pavement to Television Personalities and Swell Maps, with pop sensibilities and a charming amateur quality that nods to the past without ever falling prey to it. Some people would lump them in with "garage," or even Shitgaze (considering their Siltbreeze affiliation), but I would say that they're doing something pretty different from most other bands that would warrant such labels, and I'm glad.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Tre Orsi (Dan's Silverleaf): Is there a worse band name in the world?

Cocoroise/ Sleep Whale/New Fumes (the Granada): Go back to Brooklyn you trustfund fucks.... well ok, I actually enjoya fair amount of Cocorosie's music, but I still feel compelled to say that every time I hear, see or think of this band.


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