Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Some people read We Shot JR for the utilitarian aspect; the "It List" if posted promptly can lead you to your evening's activities; The Weekender might very well determine your inebriated trajectory for three whole nights; and Monday Morning Rock could very well do both. But I'm not always about that. We both know that. See, I'm not necessarily here to serve you. What have you ever done for me? With some notable exceptions, probably not much, besides insulted me in comments and sometimes even in person. But I'm into that. I'm sick like that. I feed off of your negativity. It means you can read, and you can pay attention, thanks to Anna ISD and Mesquite ISD and whatever lame suburb you came from before going to UNT. And for those quiet moments, you're all mine. And I love it.

The It List is more...conceptual to me. It bums me out in our last days to see us just posting names and nothing else. Because to me, that's not what WSJR is about. It's about everything else. It's about you reacting to a band name and getting pissed without hearing them. And you swearing up and down that some new genre that recently came into vogue is the halfhearted media fabrication of a bunch of lame intellectuals that imagine things into being without ever stepping foot outside of their overpriced lofts. It's about us "forgetting" to describe the music and talking about anything else. I know, I agree. So many times I've read an article and I'm screaming at the magazine or ripping off the phone film while exclaiming, "YES, BUT WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE, ASSHOLE?!" I know the feeling. I hate pretentious people just as much as you do, and I love them even more.

It's really awful that I'm posting this so late, I already know that. One of these shows has even started already. Now that bothers me a little. But overall, really? I don't care. When this works as a show listing hub, that's great. But it's not the point. What matters is the reaction. Otherwise, who cares? I've seen a million show listing sites come and go, and I hardly remember them because they weren't interesting. But it wasn't us that made this interesting. It was you. So, thanks. I mean that. I've defended all of your filthy tongues with so many Voltairian comebacks that it's really worn me out over the years. I think some of you are unbelievably mean-spirited but you're really nothing compared to what I put up with in my daily life. So, no big deal. Thanks for keeping my attention. I just felt like saying that, on with the list:

Mose Giganticus/Naxat/People Men (1919 Hemphill)

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit/Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter/Mimicking Birds/Seryn (Haileys)

BC Tha Dinosaur/Sheptastic (Rubber Gloves): What is going on here exactly?

Serena Maneesh/Wovenhand (The Loft)


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