Friday, October 22, 2010


//TENSE// - Turn It Off from tommy boy on Vimeo.


La Meme Gallery Opening: Mustache Club/Skunk Ape/Yeah Def (Rubber Gloves): Featuring work by John Gonzalez. You wouldn't believe how many acts are called "Skunk Ape."

Black Friday One Year Anniversary with Tense/Anthony Stanford/Keith P/Ben White (Fallout Lounge): Well, this has easily been one of the best DJ nights that's come about in recent memory, and I'm glad to see it reach the one-year mark. Black Friday has always been great for its lack of pretense; you don't feel embarrassed to be there, and it's the perfect night for those who have a little too much Dark and Cold Wave in their collections to not be what one would consider a "closet goth." You know who you are. And you know that it's been a long time since you heard any new music, or returned to any of the spiky post punk records that got you into this stuff. Ben, Keith, and Anthony have all taken the respective tentacles of this genre to their most obscure tangential conclusions, and Dallas audiences have been lucky to hear this stuff blasting out of the taxed speakers of the Fallout for a whole year now thanks to their efforts.

They certainly must have put their heads together for this one, by recruiting //TENSE//, the Houston act that plays an updated version of EBM; the polyrhythms of which have evolved slightly from the more straight-forward Industrial attack that they employed at the K.O.L.D. venue in Denton a couple of years ago. Though their sound has changed somewhat, the mood and themes are as dark as ever, and one would be hard pressed to think of a more fitting band for this occasion.

It should also be noted that //TENSE// will be touring with Industrial pop legends Nitzer Ebb on their North American tour; surely a dream come true for most bands in this genre.

Missile/The Phuss/Max Cady (The Curtain Club): Have you seen the Missile video? Click on the link to check it out. Is this a small band pretending to be huge? Or a huge band pretending to be small? Semantics.

Free Energy/Hollerado/Foxy Shazam (The Loft)


Vexed UK/Hentai Improvising Orchestra/New Science Projects/Tony Sims/Skeleton Coast/Anion/The Emissary/R-Type VS Nerio (The Gallery At Lander's Machine Shop)


Lost Generation with Wanz/Gabe/Adam Pickrell (Arcade Bar)

The Thermals/Cymbals Eat Guitars/The Coathangers (Granada Theater)


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