Saturday, October 30, 2010


Stoned Ranger really regrets not doing this final Weekender as originally planned, so instead you're stuck with me, DL. However, he will have a special note for you this weekend, so make sure and sign the Guest Book sometime soon.

One last note: We will keep our Twitter and Facebook page around for any sort of last word, or post We Shot JR news, and to keep you abreast of any other writing projects we may be involved in, as there has been some "talk," but only time will tell. Perhaps there will be somewhere else that we are welcome to occasionally share our take with you, who knows? I encourage those of you that are so inclined to please continue writing about music on your own websites. I don't think writing about music is stupid. It's difficult, and people simply want to trash things that are difficult as pointless. It requires a lot of meticulous research and requires a certain lifestyle in some ways. You can't always stay in on weeknights.

If it wasn't for cranky and well informed music writing from decades past, I would have overlooked a lot of challenging or nondescript or seemingly unappealing music that would eventually become some of my most treasured moments or ideas or items in my life.

I want to thank the following people, places, and things:
El Tocadiscos
Cliff Notes
Sally Glass
Richardson Heights
Nevada Hill
Zac Crain
Dust Congress House: Nick Foreman
David Ireland at AEG Live.
Art Prostitute/Public Trust: Brian G.
Muscle Beach
Holly Jefferson
Groove Net Records
Secret Headquarters: Scott, Kerm, and Cody
Fra House: Josh, Ed, Chuck.
Marietta/Paperstain: Justin Lemons and David Sailor and Meredith.
Thanks so many times to Justin "JC" Collins for various favors and help.
Matt Barnhart, Rubber Gloves, Shep.
House of Tinnitus: Rob & Amelia.
Mark Church at Good Records.
Paul Slocum
K.O.L.D: Julie, Sasha, and Evan.
715 Panhandle, NPNR
Travis Smith
1919 Hemphill: Rick, Al, and various volunteers.
8th Continent: Lars, Heather, and Shane
The Chat Room: Dave and Ben.
Wisconsin: Chris, Brad, Garrick.
Majestic Dwelling Of Doom
Layla Blackshear
Preston Jones
Hunter Hauk
Sam M.
All the people that have written us nice letters.
To countless bands, artists, and fearless people that I have found inspiring even when I didn't feel up to doing this. Thanks very much to all of you.

-Defensive Listening


Bad Brains/Spector 45/Here Holy Spain (Granada): Is there anything better than those first Bad Brains recordings, including the Black Dots demo collection? You really wouldn't expect reggae, punk, and thrash to actually work as well as it does, and perhaps it never really did again. In other words, I hope this set consists of early material only, but that's every fan's dilemma.

Rocket For Ethiopia/Legsweeper/Geistheistler/Kampfgrounds (Houseton located at 2311 Houston in Denton)

Doctor Troy/Blixaboy (Fallout Lounge): This show shouldn't be overlooked, as it features Doctor Troy who runs the great West Coast reissue label, Medical Records, which certainly contributed to a 200 plus dollar record buying binge I went on during a recent visit to Amoeba in LA. In fact, I wound up buying two copies of the same Robotnik record they put out, just because I knew I wouldn't see any in these parts. Dr. Troy is apparently an actual doctor, and originally hails from Texas, but most importantly he was mining the dust settled corners of the prog synth, minimal wave, space disco and similar 80's genres far before it became hip to do so, and his reissues and mixes are testament to that.

Wanz "Blixaboy" Dover has received a growing number of accolades for his work of late, from XLR8R, RCRD LBL, Fader and all the places you'd want a new record in this style to be mentioned. That sort of brings things full circle on this website. You see, Wanz was the subject of much debate early on, due to his intensely opinionated view of the local underground scene's evolution as well as his part in it, and I remember spending time on here both agreeing and disagreeing with him from time to time as an anonymous commenter before I took on the nom de plume of Defensive Listening. His Melodica fest in 2008 still stands as a favorite memory of many a music fan I know, and I'm talking people who actually listen to records and go to shows that aren't driven by modern bloggo publicist BS. Melodica was by far the best local festival of the past five years, no contest. When he was pointlessly attacked for his efforts, it helped bring an entire group of people together that might not have been unified otherwise, and of course now that he's getting national attention, well, hey it's fashionable and politically easy to cover his music. But that should have always been easy, and free of agenda and forced narratives. Instead, like so often happens in music and art, personal politics cloud the judgment of hack writers everywhere. You see it time and time again; some tiny band or artist goes largely ignored, someone with taste takes the time to shed some light on them, and then all of your former critics come running to your side, pretending as though they'd been there all along. That's okay. I've come to accept and expect that in the world. When it's work out that way, it's really best for the artists themselves to get that sort of recognition and justice, no matter how many fools they confused along the way.

I'm glad to see Wanz do well, and again, I'm glad the record is called "Kliks & Politiks." Full circle indeed. Event is free.

Costumed Critical Mass: Starts in Fort Worth, right?


We Shot JR is Dead (Rubber Gloves): Yeah, so one more time: This event starts at six and is hosted by Fred Holston. There may be some "surprises." There might not be anything surprising at all. But I hope you join us, as I do vouch for almost all of the acts here. A lot of them represent everything we get attacked for, and I find that comforting. Yes, I know 99 percent of the lineup is awesome. You're welcome. My only regret is that it couldn't be just a few hours longer to incorporate the other handful of bands we like around here. I hope someone brings candy.

Darktown Strutters/Damaged Goods/Yeah Def (Hailey's)


Pinkish Black/Transistor Tramps/Vaults of Zin (Chat Room)

Helmet/Intronaut/Descender (Loft)

Danzig (Palladium): I have never been into Danzig or Samhain and I think the Misfits are by far the most overrated punk band of all time, but he was pretty good at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year. If you're going this year, I'm sorry that Devo canceled. Total drag.

Commando/Heavy Cream/Uptown Bums/Video (Rubber Gloves): I like Video but if anyone ever calls them "No Wave" again, I'm going to vomit blood. No Wave is perhaps the only sacred genre of music in my world. You get knighted in that realm, and hopefully never erroneously.


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