Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mavericks 113 Spurs 91

I haven't lived in Dallas my whole life, which means that I wasn't around for the great 80's teams or anything like that. No, my love for the Mavs began during the strike shortened season of 1998. I'm not sure why. At first, I think it was just a joke.

Anyway, tonight's game has to be one of the three or four most important wins for this team since 1998 (I would say that Game 5 playoff win at Utah in 2001 might have been THE most important). Yeah, I know, it is just the second round, and it was just one game. But not only did the Mavs win BIG, they did it in San Antonio, in the playoffs, without a huge game from Dirk, and with a tough ass attitude that is a necessity to thrive in the playoffs. Every time the Spurs mounted even the slightest start of a comeback, the Mavs shut it down. They played amazing defense all night long, and just about everyone contributed on the offensive end in some way. This was the most playoff savvy I've ever seen the Mavs play, and they've got almost all the momentum you could ask for coming back home for game 3. I can't wait to watch it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this win was more important than the one in utah..

utah's never been a monkey on the mav's back the way the spurs have been.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a f'ing game that was. that's a championship team.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if my girlfriend wants to get w/ devon harris, i'll let her

....what a fucking stud.
that guy's gonna be SOOOOO good in a year or two.

so fast!

...and josh howard?

...if we can keep those two and dirk for a long period of time i'd say we're set to have a GREAT team for a long time

...and dude... we made them feel like total douche bags in their own stadium.

i wouldn't be suprised if tony parker is more hurt even after all the rest he's getting

hopefully this will get the fans riled (sp?) up @ the first home game... if we can do that and keep them from being able to adjust too well to what we're doing, we should be able to take them DAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWN.

...just gotta keep control of the pace of the game, and make old man duncan run.

11:27 AM  
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