Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It List Confusion: Tuesday 7/25/06

Sorry this is coming so late, but Defensive Listening was going to give me a hand by publishing his own list today... and there was a mix up. Luckily for you, the metroplex isn't exactly jumpin with stuff to do tonight, so my lateness probably won't affect your coolness. Maybe DL will post his list in a bit, but for now, I'll make a quick one:

1. New Science Projects @ Dada. New Science Projects are a band that I don't know that much about, but am really curious to see live. Their (or maybe it is his) mixture of strange noise blips, electro beats and old American folk is certainly an interesting one, and the songs we've heard also manage to stay completely accessible and catchy without being obvious. Give it a listen.

2. Lost Generation (The Cavern Upstairs): Wanz didn't tell us what he has planned tonight, but I'm sure it will be something good. I can't say it enough: If you're looking to hear a good mixture of electro and experimental tunes, there is no better DJ night in the metroplex to do so.

3. Southerly/Sarah Reddington/ Silas Worley (Metrognome Collective): For the pop kids and the folk kids, and the Sarah Reddington kids... Metrognome hosts this Kill Rock Stars showcase. I'm not sure if Southerly is my thing, but it could be depending on my mood. I like what Silas Worley is doing quite a bit (sort of a Paul Simon thing, in a good way), and we've become more and more impressed with Sarah Reddington, so this could be a good show to check out.