Saturday, March 17, 2007

Very Late Weekender 3/17/07-3/18/07

Hey everyone. We're down in Austin right now, and although we've had a good time for the most part, we had some real problems yesterday that prevented us from getting to a computer and throwing a weekend list together. We're sorry about that, especially considering the good shows we missed. However, since this is maybe like the third time we've missed a list in the past 15 months, we're not going to feel too bad about it. Anyway, we've listed some DFWd shows below, and we'll be back on Monday with some local show and album reviews, as well as some SXSW coverage. Oh, and its a real shame that Girl Talk won't be coming to Dallas any time soon, because that guy puts on one of the best DJ shows I've ever seen.


WZT Hearts/Blues Control/Lexie Mountain Boys/Ecstatic Sunshine (House of Tinnitus)

Pelican is playing at the Ridglea Theater Fest thing, but the rest of the line up is more or less absolute shit. So attend with caution.

Sondre Lerche/Willy Mason/Thomas Dybdahl (Gypsy Tea Room)

Public Enemy/X Clan/The Banned/Heet Mob (Gypsy Tea Room)


The folks from House of Tinnitus told us that they will be working with the 8th Continent guys to make it possible to see both of the big Sunday night Denton shows. The show at 8th Continent will start at 8pm and features:

Apes/Monotonix/Chief Death Rage/Eat Avery's Bones

They're going to try to wrap things about around 10 or 1030 over there and send everyone to House of Tinnitus to see:

Noxagt/Chief Death Rage/Brokenizer/Nouns Group/Kaboom

Both shows will be great, and its fantastic that they've planned accordingly.

Also, if you're staying in Dallas, you can check out Menomena and Treewave at the Cavern. Should be incredible. We saw Menomena at the Pitchfork SXSW thing yesterday, and they rocked a packed Emo's like I never imagined they could. You should really see them live.

Sorry we couldn't do more for the list this weekend. But you know how it is, don't ya?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sun, 3/18 - Barbez, Plexus Loom, Black Moth Super Rainbow & The Ettes at Club Dada, $5;
Hopewell, Constants, Carrigan, Bob White & the F-Electics at Darkside Lounge, $5;
Black Fiction, Tommy Hernandez, Praise the Twilight Sparrow at The Bone, FREE!
All shows start around 8pm. Dada & Darkside are 17+ & Bone is 21+.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Voxtrot's album leaked and it's L-A-M-E. Very Killers.


4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Great Tyrant is playing at the Wreck Room on Sunday with Ludicra.

2:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noxagt, is gonna pone tonight.

8:39 AM  
Blogger kidko said...

Austin's Ice Cream Creatures tonight (Sunday) at Avenue for the Arts

Ice Cream Creatures Myspace

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

monotonix is the best ive band i have literally ever seen. they go fucking nuts. they play on top of houses. they set their drums on fire. they drink beer from shoes and basically fuck your eyesockets.

it would be really cool for monotonix and the apes (another one of my favs) if many many many people showed up tonight.
make it happen people.
get there before 8. 5 bucks.

and if you bring me a beer i'll give you a kiss.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

best >>Live<< band

2:53 PM  
Blogger Rj said...

Monotonix fucking destroyed their showcase. I actually felt bad for Akimbo for following them.

4:22 PM  
Blogger joshbaish said...

Sun Mar 18 (Doors open at 9pm; $6)

Chin Up Chin Up
The Phantom Family Halo (members of The For Carnation, etc.)

411 East Sycamore
Denton, TX 76205
(940) 387-7781

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who are the killers?

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nouns Group are, hands down, the best thing DFW has to offer.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nouns group in someone's living room was one of the most memorable shows i've seen

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nouns group vs The Great Tyrant.

let's see it.

11:54 AM  
Blogger amandacobra said...

see, who says that we here in the dallas/denton/ft. worth area are behind the times?

not only is there already an opinion on and a backlash against the new voxtrot album, there are already blog entries about it.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Man, Black Moth Super Rainbow is pretty dang good. If you haven't heard them yet, I highly recommend them. I would love to see a BMSR/Oneida tour. Now that would be absolute bliss.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOUSE OF TINNITUS Ruled THis weekend!!! every night was so fucking good!!!!their shows are unbeatable!!!!

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does everyone get on here and talk themselves up so much? Quit selling yourselves to's really pathetic looking. Your arrogance and want of money and fame as opposed to wanting to have fun/entertain is transparent. Thank you to we shot jr for posting shows for other people's bands and being a little selfless and way supportive of all of the creative people in this area. I appreciate it.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anybody get a meggie kiss on film

1:05 PM  

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