Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Local Stuff

We have three things to share with you this evening:

The first is a video from Denton's Shiny Around the Edges for their cover of Willie Nelson's "I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye," a track they collaborated on with Castanets' Ray Raposa. If you've ever thought "man, I wish I could hear a haunted, minimal drone cover of a Willie Nelson song," then today is your lucky day:

The second is a podcast that we recently downloaded off of Shane English's new blog The Soundhead. Featuring everything from early industrial to noisy 70's Japanese Psyche rock to White Noise to Kraftwerk to no wave, its honestly one of the most interesting podcasts I've heard in a long time, due not only to the rarity and variety of the tracks, but also because of how instantly listenable the whole thing is. You won't find any pointless name drop trump cards here.

And the third is the latest mix tape from Prince William entitled Maker Maker. I'll let the track list tell you what you want to know:

Boys Noize-Deny SelectedAmerie-Take Control of Me (ESTAW refix)
Tepr-En Direct De La Cote (Alavi Rerox)
Hawatha Hurd-Fuckin' With Me (Super Commodore remix)
Dj Touche-Girls A Freak (Boy 8 Bit remix)
Snoop Dogg-Make It Clap (Hostage remix)
Crime Mob-Shine 'Cause I Grind (Christopher Wade OMG LOL mix)
Keyshia Cole-Let It Go (Kingdom 909 mix)
Depeche Mode-Just Cant Get Enough (Skeet Skeet's Iphone Ringtone edit)
Krazy Fiesta-Never Zkared
Marc Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse-Valerie (Sinden and Count of Monte Cristal Mix)
Simian Mobile Disco-Hustler (Armand Van Helden mix)
Benny Benassi vs. Public Enemy-Bring the Noise (Pump Kin mix)
Lexxy and K-Paul-Ponyboy (Boris Dlugosch mix)
Relentless-Soda Romp (Super Commodore remix)
The Funk Monkeys-Remember the Time (Sebastian Leger remix)
Plimsouls-Hold On
Chamillionaire-Industry Groupie


Blogger Sarah said...

Local Stuff-All this be lookin'/soundin' all sorts of awesome!
A little trivia: Jenny from Shiny, Dan Mojica-owner of Dan's Silverleaf, and Willie Nelson all have the same birthday!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's amazing when good people like shiny can make good music. Now if i just knew how to play bridge!

11:22 AM  

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