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That One Guy's Tracks and our MP3 Section

Ok, so over to the right there, below our videos section, you'll find the MP3 section we started a couple months back. Admittedly, most of us have been more than a little lazy as far as posting tracks, etc., but we're going to start changing that starting.... NOW! That One Guy has been making pretty regular track selections over there for the past few weeks, and in addition to his stuff, you'll start seeing regular posts from various WSJR contributors (myself included) over in the MP3 section beginning this week. New stuff, old stuff, whatever we feel like posting. Below is a sample of some of the stuff That One Guy has been writing about, and you can find all of his picks, and a lot more, in the MP3 section. Sample:

Leonard Cohen - The Traitor

Running across a copy of Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man in my local Blockbuster's $3.99 bin a few weeks ago has had me on an extended Cohen kick of late, especially this tune off of 1979's Recent Songs. Arriving half way through the album that saw Cohen return to a more initmate (some would say less adventurous) folk sound after the widescreen, spunk-sozzled Wall of Sound experimentation of his Phil Spector collaboration, Death Of A Ladies' Man, "The Traitor" stands as Recent Song's beating heart, a six and a half minute mini-epic of enigmatic romance. I'll keep my obsessive gushing to that in order to escape sounding like a college freshman deep in to my "reading Rimbaud and smoking overpriced, novelty cigarettes" phase, but listen to the song and watch for Cohen's description of it in I'm Your Man. If it doesn't have you perusing the intertrons for a closer look at the lyrics, your jaded cynicism just might not be a phase after all.

Malente & Dex - Hyperactive
Another strong entry in the ever so fashionable rave revival sweepstakes, this upcoming release from relative newcomers Malente & Dex on Shir Kahn's ever so fashionable Exploited label practically reeks of pill sweat and VapoRub and should bring tooth-grinding grins to pie-eyed faces on international dance floors all summer. Turn this one on loud in your room, flip the lights on and off, and the next thing you know you'll be making the "big fish - little fish - cardboard box." In a nutshell, it's an illegal early 90s warehouse party to go. No taking eggs to an undisclosed location required.

Freeway - Hip Hop Lives
If you keep up with these little "tracks of the week" missives with any regularity (Hi, Mom!), you may have gotten the impression that I find hip hop nostalgia, true school-style throwbackisms, and modern day East Coast rap in general to be the definition of boredom. I applaud your insight. Nothing gets my eyes rolling and gag reflex working over time like some dude in his 30s (or even worse, young kid) blathering on about how great hip hop used to be when it was run by the East Coast and how East Coast rappers are all about lyricism over lifestyle and how hip hop today (i.e. Southern and West Coast rap) is just style with no substance and blah blah sore ass blah blah blah. Maybe it's reverse snobbery, but I'd much rather bump the new David Banner in my truck than watch Peedi Crack "spit hot sixteens" a cappella in some shitty YouTube video. With that said, this new teaser for Freeway's upcoming Freedom Of Speech album jumps a number of my personal hurdles (a "grimy" street rapper from Philly raps about hip hop over a no-name, near hookless track - snooze) on the strength of what might be termed Freeway's balls and his word. An audaciously joyous ode to hip hop's strength and staying power as one of the defining worldwide cultural forces of our era (No, that's not hyperbole.) over a spartan, trunk banger of a beat, this is what I dream of East Coast rap being, swagger and substance, floss and brains, penthouse and pavement - exciting, basically.

Van She - Virgin Suicide
It might come as a shock to those who noticed the internet ripples Australia's Van She have been making over the past couple of years with their Van She Tech remixes and brief run of singles ("Kelly," "Sex City") that basically stood as little more than jumping off points for a much longer run of much drooled over remixes by higher profile artists, but there is next to nothing blog and/or house about their upcoming album V. Harkening back to that brief moment a decade or so ago when being French and owning a copy of Supertramp's Breakfast In America was a sure pathway to a record deal and model ass, "Virgin Suicide" (along with the rest of the album) sounds like it could slip easily in to the Air-penned score or 70s soft rock soundtrack of Sofia Coppola's similarly titled film. They may amount to little more than an Antipodean version of Phoenix, but I can definitely see this being a movie kiss soundtrack placement away from annoying ubiquity in a few months. Enjoy it while you can.

Bird Peterson - Hunger Strike 5000
I've had a musical brain ache for the last few days courtesy of Austin's Bird Peterson (who also has a great remix on the previously mentioned Malente & Dex single) and this track he claims to have made on a dare from Dave Nada. Is it great? Is it awful? Is it grawful? I leave it to you and your god to work out. If you're lucky (or not), Bird might slip this in to his set at The Loft anniversary party on Friday.


Anonymous You know who I am...I am the one who changes from nothing to some. said...

Leonard Cohen is the most awesome songwriter ever only to be in rivalry with Tom Waits. This song is pretty good...however nothing beats out the "songs from a room". Sucks that Bono had to be in that documentary with his wide-eyed-coke-infested-glazed-over appearance and absolutely nothing of value to add to the documentary.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous damn gina said...

Bono inserts his Boner into EVERY rockumentary, i.e. Joe Strummer, Joy Division, etc.

You guys should get a server for the mp3's. Divshare is annoying. Thanks anyway, though.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous damn gina said...

Bono inserts his Boner into EVERY rockumentary, i.e. Joe Strummer, Joy Division, etc.

You guys should get a server for the mp3's. Divshare is annoying. Thanks anyway, though.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous damn damn gina said...

i agree divshare is annoying.. but so are big bills.. this place costs us plenty as is.. that being said we're working on a solution.. coming soon.

- cliff

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zshare is free and much easier.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or try

1:49 PM  
Anonymous zineophonic said...

You all need to use Pownce. It's free to sign up, and people that friend you get notices when you post new tracks. Your friends can then stream the song, and if they like it, they can download it.

You can also let the public view and DL tracks, to keep it anonymous. If you choose to send only to friends, then you can keep things a bit more on the downlow(legally). No spam ads, pop ups, or bills.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous stonedranger said...

Cool, thanks for the recommendation.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous chad said...

gotta keep the devil down in the hole

3:55 PM  
Anonymous cliff notes said...

thanks for the links

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

leonard cohen being rivaled by tom waits is laughable. wtf are you talking about. tom waits isn't EVEN CLOSE to songwriters like leonard cohen. tom waits is a great imitator with an awesome wife and great back up musicians, nothing more. leonard cohen is truly amazing in most every way as far as songwriters are concerned.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen hasn't written a good song since "Everybody Knows", and everybody knows that. Cliff notes and chad are lovers, btw. Complete faggots.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous kerry stupid! said...

WTF Tom waits has been writing his own music since the seventies and would do better than okay without his wife (that made him quit smoking and drinking) and his back up singers This is utter blasphemy. Since I cannot condemn ignorance only attempt to shed light, go pick up/download Heart Attack and Vine or Rain Dogs and don't leave the room until the record has played at least once through.

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Prison MIke said...

You people need to discover John Trudell.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous romeo rose said...

by 'that one guy's tracks' do you mean tracks from ? or is it like a "knife the electronic band/the knife the rock band" kind of thing?

5:28 PM  
Anonymous romeo rose said...

...deleted? big men!

1:00 PM  

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