Thursday, January 08, 2009

Art List

Artists talk with Daniel Rozenberg (DMA) 7:30pm
Rozenberg is the lead artist of Dadara, responsible for the show at Centraltrak on Saturday.

Rusty Scruby (The MAC) 5:30-7:30 pm
I think that the MAC and Pan American shows are actually one exhibit, with the MAC housing Scruby's larger installations.

Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia (Centraltrak) 5-10 pm (doors close at 9 pm)
This is a performance art installation from Dutch artist collective Dadara. I'm a little confused as to what exactly will happen, but you are supposed to bring a 2x2 passport photo and fill out "immigration forms." Also, bring $4 and get there by 9pm.

Vacant Spaces (Marty Walker) 6-8 pm
The work of Ted Kincaid, Barry Anderson, Lisa Grossman, and Casey Rae.

Susan Barnett, Matt Clark, and Jules Buck Jones (Conduit) 5-8 pm

Rusty Scruby (Pan American) 5-8 pm

Sarah Green: Right Between the Eyes (Artspace III) 6-9pm

Benito Huerta: Grand Illusion (William Campbell Contemporary) 6-8 pm

Kana Harada: Kodama-Spirit of the Trees (Mighty Fine Arts) 6-9 pm

Also check out Sarah Lucas at Goss-Michael, Vicious Pink at Centraltrak, and the multi-artist show at Public Trust, which all close by the end of the month.

Photo courtesy of Pan American.


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