Thursday, February 05, 2009

Art List


Dallas Art Fair (Fashion Industry Gallery)
This is the very first annual Dallas Art Fair, with 30 national art dealers presenting modern and contemporary paintings, photographs, sculpture, prints, and drawings. And that a Henry Darger painting on their website? And Chuck Close? The price of admission is a little steep- $20 for a day pass, $40 for a three-day pass- but it sounds like it will be totally worth it.

Margrét H. Blöndal & Lars Laumann (Fort Worth Contemporary Arts) 6-9 pm


Diane Sikes: Looking Backward (500X) 6-10pm

Otis Jones (William Campbell Contemporary Art) 6-8 pm


Jeff Elrod (The Modern)
Part of the Modern's Focus series, which just featured the Ranjani Shettar scuptures. Elrod's paintings start as drawings on a simple computer graphics program which he transfers to canvas by hand, a kind of mix between new media art and postwar abstraction.

Image: Jeff Elrod


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postwarabEX playin at the argo tonight.

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