Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Yes, I realize that this list is too late, and I'm sorry for that. I also just realized that "Defect Defect" is most likely a Wipers reference. Thanks,

Defect Defect/High Life/Wiccans (Exploding House):
Defect Defect features members of Clorox Girls and The Observers. I don't understand how Wiccans are going to play this show since they share members with Teenage Cool Kids. For more info on just how complicated that is, see the diagram to the right.

Tyvjk/Teenage Cool Kids/Schwa/Art by Caleb Barnard (The Cavern): Especially good lineup for Detour tonight with a solid touring act, a beloved local indie pop group, a beloved DJ, and artwork by a local tattoo artist. I often see Tyvjk described as garage rock, or even "Detroit garage rock" which is more implicative than necessary. The group does have elements of garage rock, but more importantly there is a type of crumble to their sound akin to all of their equipment tumbling down the stairs while a singer tries to keep up with a combination of panic and indifference. This is really where the group's strength seems to lie, setting them apart from other less interesting garage rockers and displaying a kind of messy and arrogant aloofness utilized successfully in everyone from The Fall to the more recent work of Teenage Panzer Kops.

Joey Kendall/Ryan Thomas Becker/The County Lines (Boiler Room)

Gordon Lightfoot (Nokia): I remember being made fun of at a book store for buying a Gordon Lightfoot fakebook, and even though I have my doubts about this show being good on any level, at least give it to the guy for writing the song featured in this video. I think that should be enough cred for anybody.

Keith P/Red Sean (Tribeca)

Mikey Rodge/Killtron/Whack-A-Tone (Fallout Lounge): Guesting at Get Fucked tonight is Select.