Thursday, May 14, 2009

It List: Thursday

Vega/Keith P/Females (The Lounge): Vega will have a special tour-only EP available tonight, and I would like to get my hands on it just to see if I agree with the Pitchfork review that discussed the track, "No Reasons" as the "season's first real attempt at beach-party boogie." Well, a couple things: 1. Last time I checked, there was no beach in Austin. 2. Why do music reviewers treat dance music in seasonal terms, like this song is the audio equivalent of Banana Republic's summer line? This track could have had its origins in dead-of-winter central Texas, give me a break with this shit.

Anyways, I'm glad to see current Vega and ex-Ghosthustler front-man Alan Palomo continuing to do good work in the face of a disappointment that would have probably ruined similarly young, yet less determined artists. I especially enjoyed seeing Alan perform live and haven't yet had the opportunity with his current group. Hopefully I will tonight. Also performing is Females and Keith P, who may be the best dressed man in Dallas. That reminds me of a classic SR joke where he introduced a local musician with, "Ladies and gentlemen, the worst dressed man at SXSW." As much you think I'm a jerk, I'm going to spare this poor guy.

Amos Lee/Dana Falconberry (The Granada): Dana Falconberry put on a wonderful performance at the Dust Congress house back in March, and it was good to see that a small lineup change didn't hurt her knack for putting on a nearly flawless show.

Delmore Pilcrow/The O's/Sabra Laval (J & J's Pizza):

Sober/Johnny Moog/Prince William (The Cavern):


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