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Late as usual. Today we are telling you about more gallery-oriented events than usual, since we felt it absolutely necessary. That and we finally decided that we are in love with you.



Gallery Closing: "Far From The Maddening Crowd" featuring Rebecca Carter, Celia Eberle, Thomas Feulmer, Margaret Meehan, Julian Opie, Stephen Park, Richard Patterson, Dan Perfect, George Quartz, Giles Ripley, Edward Setina, Kevin Todora, and Erik Tosten (Road Agent Gallery): This closing coincides with the openings at Public Trust, and Barry Whistler, which are both nearby. This informal Friday night closing event will include free alcoholic beverages, but the last official day you'll be able to view the show is Saturday, May 9th.

I should also mention that artist Margaret Meehan's catalog from her Road Agent solo show, "On Sugar Mountain, Up Shit Creek" will be available in one of our state's most respected art entities that's outside of Dallas, Domy Books in Houston and Austin. It will be available locally at Public Trust and at the Cadd Art Lab. The catalog's photography is by DFW favorite Alison V. Smith.

Rocket for Ethiopia/Sleep As the Enemy/Warcola/Just Another Consumer/Embolization (Reno's): Big lineup benefiting the Phoenix Project, a Dallas DIY space that many in the area are hoping can fill what is much too large of a void in such a sprawling metropolitan area.

Handbrake/Jack with One Eye/Tang Lung (Rubber Gloves): I'm worried after seeing MBV recently, that one of these shoegaze disciples is going to attempt the violently loud climax that blew everyone away at the end of that show. My advice: please don't. It just won't ever be the same. However, I hope Jack With One Eye continues to write more tracks like "Sun In Glass." The song is so upbeat in the midst of all of the distortion that it's almost perverse.

Top Secret Robot Alliance/Intake/Machine Gun Hand/Meta (Prophet Bar)

Secret Show (306 Texas St. Denton): Well the Bee's Fifth Collective is putting on a secret show this evening. They tell us that the concept for the show is for people to come see surprise bands with no preconceived bias about the acts. Hmmm. It's five bucks to get in and free keg beer is included in the price. And since they wouldn't tell us who was playing, this show could end up being really great or totally shitty, depending on the featured acts (although I'm guessing it will probably fall somewhere in between), so if you feel like rolling the dice on this one, go for it.

Uptown Fridays with Select (Zubar)


Louis CK (Lakewood Theater):
Louis CK's stand-up is great, particularly his views on the horse-beaten topic of raising children. But I especially admire the work he did on The Chris Rock Show back in the 90's, touching on topics in a way that made the oft-overlooked program very much ahead of its time.

And/Or Gallery Final Show Featuring Chad Hopper: I'm not going to try to hide the fact that I think it's a total tragedy and utter drag that this place is done. Let's not dress it up, Dallas: This sucks. I'm happy for Paul Slocum for going to where the action is, and I don't blame him in the slightest, but this is a pretty bad cultural casualty for the city. We are losing the fascinatingly anomalous combination of a gallery that often showcased work that is still shunned in many (and even more cosmopolitan) places, as well as our close proximity to the ever-evolving body of work of Slocum's Treewave, which was often a credit to a fairly desolate music scene in Dallas proper. It is with a mixture of disappointment and respect that we say goodbye to And/Or, which will be going out on the highest note by once again showcasing the work of North Texas ex-pat Chad Hopper, whose underground antics were an enormous influence on my involvement in music and art when he still lived here; playing in a quirky little project with Slocum while giving all of his vast visual and musical output away. Goodbye, Paul and And/Or, you will be greatly missed.

Zanzibar Snails CD release with h...n/Smile Full of Ale (Good Records)

TV Dads/Back Stabbath/Hoop Dreamz/Big Blow/TBA (Bunker Hill): Man, don't go entering the wrong Hoop Dreamz URL into myspace. THIS SHOW WAS APPARENTLY FAKE. SORRY.

Rocket for Ethiopia/Geezus Krust (1250 Fuller St., Dallas): One thing I have grown to love over the years is the practice tape as Myspace page samples. Seriously, it rules.

ADD: Plexi 3/Krunchies/Bad Sports (818 Hickory St.): Plexi 3 is a pretty solid Milwaukee group that takes influences from classic garage, 60's pop and classic punk, and pull together some pretty solid tunes in the process. They've received praise from Terminal Boredom and a number of other trustworthy publications, and with Bad Sports opening, you can be assured that this will be a solid show. Not sure what time this is running since there's a show at Bunker Hill tonight as well, but perhaps someone can let us know in the comments section, which, despite the fact that it says "Zero comments," does in fact have a comments.

Darktown Strutters/Rivercrest Yacht Club (Lola's Stockyards):

The Paper Chase/Astronautalis/Valina (the Granada): This is the local release show for The Paper Chase's new album for Kill Rock Stars, "Someday This Could All Be Yours." I recently saw a review that called the album, "Kafkaesque."


For Your Pleasure with DJG and The Smoke (Hailey's)


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