Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It List: Wednesday

nI had better just go ahead and throw this up, since the hour is growing much too late for it to be relevant. I'm glad that there is a show at Jupiter House, and they should have more there. It's not my favorite coffee in the world, but it has certainly always given me a pleasant enough environment to kill time when I'm in Denton, or at the very least, somewhere to hide and eat a muffin when I'm having a panic attack at Hailey's.

Sleep Whale/Power Animal (Jupiter House)

Benefit Show for Brain Tumor Society Walk featuring music by John Pedigo of The O's, Tim O'Brien of The Dogkickers and Laura Harrell of Romp Almighty plus Silent Auction (The Libertine)

Decades With DJ NoDad (Rubber Gloves)

Reggae Night With DJ's Playboy/Josh/Select/Timo (Zubar)

No Homework With Yeahdef and Li'l Foot (Hailey's)

Fu Manchu/Mitra/Malleveler/Hawk VS Dove (The Door)

In Defence/Ramming Speed/Dark Forces/Collick (Lion's Den located at 622 N. Austin St. in Denton)

Alela Diane/Marissa Nadler/Bosque Brown (The Modern Fort Worth)


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