Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Mostly by Frank Phophate.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow/Waterfalls/Binary Sunrise (The Cavern): When I interviewed Kip Berman from Pains of Being Pure at Heart, we talked at great length about older indie-pop and stuff that we grew up with. The one recommendation that he gave me regarding something current to check out was A Sunny Day in Glasgow's new album Ashes Grammar. Of course I took the advice and found one of my favorite albums of the year. Glasgow's sound is hard to pin down. First listening brings to mind some of the more recent work of Animal Collective, with the electronic elements of acts like The Knife. Luckily, Glasgow is able to achieve the same level of musical fortitude without the pretentious baggage the aforementioned bags carry. The ethereal qualities recall a 4AD* sensibility; dark and morose but with an upbeat, electronic backbone. Great album, should be a great show. Kudos to The Cavern for the quality booking they have been doing recently.

*How about Ariel Pink signing with 4AD? (FP)

Puscifer/Neil Hamburger (The Palladium): Now that I found out Neil Hamburger is opening, this two night stand has become much more appealing. I love Neil Hamburger, especially for his recent Tweet concerning Demetri Martin. (DL)

3 Inches Of Blood/Saviours/Holy Grail/Vaste Burai (Rubber Gloves)


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