Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Rock

TUE: CD Release: Ryan Thomas Becker/The Beaten Sea (J&J's Pizza)
WED: Denton Deluxe Release Party with Slackbeat/Peopleodian/Kashioboy/DJ Nodad (Rubber Gloves)
WED: Metric/Band Of Skulls (The Palladium)
THU: Skinny Puppy/Vverevvolf Grehv (The Granada)
FRI: Bill Callahan/Lights/Neal Morgan (The Granada)
FRI: M.A.N.D.Y./PointBender/James Warren/Kean/DragonLazer and Upstairs: Royal Highnuss/Redeye/Dub Til Dawn/DJ ET (eXcuses)
FRI: Vic Chestnutt/Liz Durret/Sans Soleil (Hailey's)
FRI: Division Of Power/Collick/Lunae Nemoris/Abuse Tactics (207 Pine St. In Arlington)
SATAesop Rock/Rob Sonic/DJ Big Wiz (The Granada)
SAT: Theatre Gallery/Prophet Bar Reunion: Shallow Reign/Decadent Dub Team/Loco Gringos/Cathouse/The Trees/Bat Mastersons and More (The Prophet Bar)
SAT: Shiny Around The Edges/Dust Congress/The Kris Special (Dust Congress House)
SAT: Irresponsible Voltron: Parson/Chi/Exceed/Marst/Hoodie Allen/Broken Teeth Crew: Anna Love/Prince William/Mike Townsend (The Cavern)
SAT: Blixaboy/New Fumes/Royal Highnuss (Good Records)
SAT: Grooms/Nervous Curtains/Eyes, Wings, And Many Other Things (The Handsome Kitten)


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