Friday, November 13, 2009


Written mostly by Frank Phosphate with some help by DL.


Hidden Cameras/Gentleman Reg/The O's (Hailey's): It's a pretty shitty time to be a gay person in America. Somehow it was decided that civil rights issues are something to be voted on by the public at large. On one side of the argument, we have testimonials from couples unable to receive perks made easily available to their hetero counterparts, civil rights experts explaining the social/historical significance of limiting civil rights, and even economists promoting the fiscal advantages of allowing people to marry whom they want. While defending for the other team there is Carrie Prejean. How is that team winning? Like a beacon of light amidst the darkness of ignorance, Friday at Hailey's will feature a solid night of musical entertainment from a queer-friendly lineup.

The Hidden Cameras have made a name for themselves the past few years for incorporating social issues and raunchy Vaselines-style sexuality into a genre dominated by whiny sweater-clad boys and girls. Whereas most baroque pop is meant to be played on winter mornings or late at night while crying over boxes of forgotten love letters, the Cameras are successful in incorporating a communal joviality into a typically morose medium. While politics play a role in their music, it will in no way alienate people just looking to hear some lighthearted, sexually mischievous indie-pop.

Unfortunately the band can sound a little too much like (cringe) Barenaked Ladies sometimes, but with a much darker and better sense of humor and purpose. Like The Polyphonic Spree, the Cameras have a lot of cooks in the kitchen, which can make for a diverse but inconsistent dining experience. Live however, The Hidden Cameras are pretty amazing. The band has a great time on stage, mixing theatrics and parlor tricks to create a nice interactive performance. If you have had a rough week this show will definitely put a smile on your face. (FP)

Atomic Party With DJ G/Blixaboy (Fallout Lounge)

Select (Zubar)

Chinese Stars/The Phuss/Sensitive Hearts (The Cavern): Members of Six Finger Satellite and Arab On Radar should make for a great show in theory and I'm sure they are great live, but I always wish the music would push just as hard as those acts whenever I hear a Chinese Stars song on community college radio. (DL)

Senora De Las Sambras/Church of the Apocalypse/Ascites/Mind Hunter/Small Talk/Wu Fru De Lu/Rakasan/Stress/A Fail Assosciation/In Girum Imus Nocte (Phoenix Project): This is a great lineup and further exemplifies Phoenix Project's commitment to host groups that fall outside of up-and-down-the-fretboard punk rock. Reduced ticket price if you bring a book. I have seen half of these artists at houses in Denton, but it's very comforting to see Dallas being invaded by the noise creeps. Note: Lychgate had to cancel due to illness. (DL)

Aight Yo #8: Lego The Mic (Rubber Gloves): Described by curator Yeah Def as a "freestyle fellowship," this night of hip hop will feature local producers and MC's in an orgy of beats and metaphors. There are not many opportunities to hear local hip hop this side of Lake Lewisville, so it sounds like a great oppertuinty to check out some original stuff. I also hear that anyone who feels the rhythm can jump on stage and do a little free styling themselves. This will probably be pretty funny once the night progress and drinks are consumed. And it is free. (FP)

Featuring tracks by former Dallas resident Kyle Humphries AKA Kylebeats, who is kind of the DFW version of Rodney Lemay if you didn't know. (DL)


Wax Museums/Uptown Bums/Occult Detective Club (Lions Den, Denton): And the award for hardest working band in Denton this week goes to, maniacal punk rock drum roll please....Uptown Bums! I caught the performance on Monday night with Video, and they put on a very solid show as always, with the two bands complimenting each other very nicely. Seeing as how Video shares members with Wax Museum, I am excited to see some of that same energy at this show. This will mark the last show of the year for Wax Museums, so keep that in mind while making your Saturday night plans. I haven't had a chance to check out a show at Lions Den yet, looking forward to it. (FP)

Killah Priest/Worldlife/Jabee/Vohn Beatz & Mpak (The Lounge)

The Slow Burners/Brass Bed/Yellow Fever (Hailey's): Solid and diverse show for The Slow Burner's record release for their new album, This is Why We Fight. Slow Burners features members of Little Grizzly and RTB2. Front-man and songwriter George Neal is known for his energetic live performances, which helps to bring to life the boot stomping roots folk the band creates. Austin's Yellow Fever add a nice, subdued flavor to the mix with their female-fronted indie pop. (FP)

Hot Flash presents Neiliyo with Killtron/Genova/Schwa (Fallout Lounge)

Municipal Waste/Goatwhore/Phobia/Cauldron (Rubber Gloves)

Peter Bjorn and John/El Perro Del Mar (House of Blues): I am very proud of the fact that I have never seen a show at the Target of music venues, House of Blues. The stories I have heard of the place makes this house show jumper stay far away. Snobbery aside, there just hasn't been anything to tempt me over there. So the big question: Does the Peter Bjorn and John show have what it takes to drag me out to the dreaded HOB? Of course not!

Peter Bjorn and John have everything going for them. They came in at just the right time and with just the right song to make it big in the world of commercially viable indie-pop. I'm glad that "Young Folks" happened; it was a solid song that you don't mind hearing over and over again, as apposed to most top 40 "indie" records that briefly make a splash upon the scene. But I was disappointed that the rest of the work I heard from them didn't really "pop" to me. Their music isn't bad or unpleasant, it just lacks the originality and personality to make it work past the single format.

The new album attempts to breach new ground by a taking a decidedly darker turn into the folk/synth-pop realm. This would be great if it still didn't all sound like the background music for a Volkswagen commercial. If you are looking for some new dark synth pop might I suggest you save your money on the overpriced tickets, parking and beer and instead go purchase the new release from Cold Cave, Love Comes Close, released last week on Matador. It's great. I bet there will be a lot more attractive young people at HOB as opposed to your room though, so the choice is yours. (FP)

Shapes Have Fangs/Golden Boys/Will Kapinos (Pastime Tavern)


Dallas Record Convention (Holiday Inn Market Center (near the World Trade Center) located at 4500 Harry Hines Blvd in Dallas)

Screening: Three On Sunday With Martin Iles. Click on flier to the right for more details (Dan's Silver Leaf)

Zest Of Yore/The Almost Already/Babar (Hailey's)


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