Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm not even going to do links. It's a holiday weekend, man. So you get We Shot JR as if it were some really shitty sight that doesn't link to artist pages. Sucks, huh? Kind of like a blog version of "It's A Wonderful Life." What if We Shot JR was never born? Everything would be so much lamer, so be really thankful for us.

A few notes:

Tonight at 1919 features Retro Spectro and Blank Blank, two bands that have broken up and are pretty great, so go see them. Stoned Men are minus a singer and plus a bass player. I recently received a very nice letter letting me on in some insider info about upcoming video work the group is involved in. Can't wait.

Don't miss Real Estate on Saturday. It's rare when someone makes a poppy guitar record in this day and age that isn't complete shit.


Retro Spectro/Blank Blank/Orange Coax/Stoned Men (1919 Hemphill)

Wanz Dover/Blake Ward (Fallout Lounge)

Matthew Gray Delves Into The Humanity Pools With The Six Foot Saucer Pot People/ Monastery/Delmore Pilcrow/Caleb Ian Campbell (Rubber Gloves)

Cursive/Capgun Coup/Old Cranes/The Timeline Post (Hailey's)

DJ A 1/Select (Zubar)


Mundo/Mark J/Chrisko (Green Elephant)

The England Ram A Band/Hard Times/Har Herrar/The County Lines/Tukr/Shaina Ferris/Joey Kendall (The Porch In Romney, TX)

J. Tillman/Pearly Gate Music/Sleep Whale (Hailey's)

Real Estate (City Tavern)

Dear Human/Manned Missiles/The Polycorns/Oh, Lewis (Rubber Gloves)


MFM/Evolve/Habeeb/A Fail Association/The Watchers/Lil Foot/In Girum Imus Nocte (Wasted Words Art Collective located at 2404 S. Fielder Rd. in Arlington)

DJ G/Yeah Def (Hailey's)

Unwed Sailor/This Old House/Native Lights (Dan's Silverleaf)


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