Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It List: Tuesday

So many "semi-talented Traveling Wilburys" jokes I could make about this photo here, but I will politefully decline. -DL

Ryan Thomas Becker/The Beaten Sea (J&J's Pizza): I'm confused. I didn't know Ryan Thomas Becker had a solo project; I thought that's what RTB2 was. He even uses the same drummer. Ryan Becker is a busy guy; he is probably the only non-DJ musician that performs as often as Yeah Def. I guess the main difference in the projects that either bear his full name, or simply his initials, is that his solo project is less "distorted electric" and more "folk-y acoustic." I was listening to this today, and someone asked me if it was Matchbox 20. That's a little harsh, even by my standards. Speaking of Yeah Def...

Yeah Def/Ian Bangs (Hailey's): This is the beginning of Yeah Def's Texas tour, in which the young Denton-based DJ will perform nine shows, nine nights in a row, all in our notoriously large state. Good luck on the road, Joey, and make sure you're up to speed and don't forget the name of the Wu Tang song you played two tracks ago, and suddenly find yourself sifting through the "recently played" section of Itunes, like you did to my friend at Rubber Gloves when he asked what track you had just played a while back. Denton is friendly, but they don't put up with that shit in San Antonio.

Yeah Def Tour Dates:

12/01- Hailey's, Denton
12/02- Hailey's, Denton
12/03- Canvas, Austin
12/04- Cheerup Charlie's, Austin
12/05- Culnsweet, McAllen
12/06- Salute, San Antonio
12/07- The Cavern, Dallas
12/08- Hailey's, Denton
12/09- Hailey's, Denton

Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge): Everyone always complains about Fallout Lounge, but I never have a problem with this place. In fact, I would say it has a much more subtle and even non-existent "douche factor," when compared to other venues that mainly play dance music that I've ever been to, going all the way back to the first I ever attended, The Starck Club.


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