Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I realized the other day that I've been to SXSW every year since 2003 (and a few before that as well), and literally every year, as I'm driving back to Dallas (I'm sure it'll happen flying home this time too), I tell myself "NEVER AGAIN," which is a phrase borrowed from the Jewish Defense League but is in this instance directed at institutions such as the "Fader Fort," the perenially overrated "Vice Party" and the bathrooms at Emo's.

No matter how crabby I get, however, I always go back for more each and every year, and for a good portion of the week, I manage to have a pretty great time. I imagine most of your attitudes about SXSW lie somewhere between mine and the overly excited fanboyisms you find on a lot of MP3 blogs, and I'd venture to say that the logistics of the whole thing are often the root of people's frustrations-- getting here and there, timing everything right and RSVPing to everything you might want to see.

Well here's something to make it all a little easier for you-- Just head over to our SXSW Day Party Map and start exploring. Eventually we'll have all of the unofficial SXSW parties, day AND night, listed on the map, complete with line ups, times, links to RSVP and more, and of course the location will be right there in front of you. You'll be also be able to create a schedule for yourself and send your RSVPs in all at once, thus reducing your party planning work load by quite a bit while allowing you to avoid a lot of the advertising and BS you'll see on other such lists. Anyway, thanks to Cliff Notes for putting this together, and check for constant updates over the next few weeks.


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