Thursday, May 20, 2010

It List: Thursday

Dim Locator (Tradewinds)

Gates Of Slumber/Maleveller/Mammoth Grinder (Double Wide)

Besnard Lakes/Woven Bones/Binary Sunrise (Granada)

New Fumes/Regina Chellew/Diamond Age (Kessler Theater)

Cross Pollination featuring Big Rig Dance Collective/Fight Boy Theater/Alex Benavidez/Martin Iles/Julie Mckendrick/Neeks/Ashley Cromeens/Jose Zamora/Shiny Around The Edges/P&G Sound Collective/George Quartz/DJ Sir Anthony (Dan's Silver Leaf): Featuring various artistic disciplines including dance, film, and song as well as a staggering lineup of talent, this looks like one of the more daringly booked shows I've seen featuring local artists in quite a while. Curated by Sarah Alexander and Sarah Gamblin.


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