Friday, May 14, 2010


Musings by DL...


Man Factory | Young and Brave | Slider Pines | Kaleo K (Rubber Gloves)

Night Shift with Big J | Genova (The Cavern): This new weekly is hosted by famed Dallas socialite and model Melissa Humphries.

The Beets | When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth | Black Dotz (Lounge)

Republic Of Texas (Continental Gin Building located at 3309 Elm Street)

The Beaten Sea | Fox And The Bird | Dust Congress (Double Wide)


Harlem | Flight | PVC St Gang (City Tavern)

Rovar 17 | Lychgate | Habeeb | Abuse Tactics | Macho Blush | Guilt Trip | Female Demand (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)

Museum Creatures | Moira Scar | Vulgar Fashion (The Amsterdam): This seems like an unlikely venue for this show, however, when we hosted a show here a couple of years ago, it was a really great setting and a favorite experience of being involved with the site.

This "all duo" lineup features three couplets all pushing in various directions, ranging from extremely understated and sparkling synth pieces, willfully "off" and deceivingly obtuse minimalist costume rock, and dark, noisy dance chaos. Fuck, isn't describing music stupid?

Not surprisingly, this show was booked by Joshaa Flores, who has long been the undisputed champion of creative booking in DFW for years.

Caddy Whompus | County Lines | The People Men (1919 Hemphill): The People Men is a new surf duo featuring Rick Vee who runs 1919, and I imagine it's pretty good since I heard the best surf record ever at 1919 that wasn't The Ventures: Live in Japan or anything by The Smashchords. Perhaps one of their kind volunteers can refresh my memory.

Fishboy | Boxcar Bandits | Delmore Pilcrow | The Angelus (Haileys)

Ishi CD Release Party/Fundraiser with Unwed Sailor | True Widow | New Fumes | Big J | Parker Lawson | Feezy | Redeye | Red Sean | Cosmic Cocks (Sons of Hermann Hall)

Hot Rods And Heels 2010 (Lakewood Theater)


Captured by Robots (Rubber Gloves)

Stinking Lizaveta | Akkolyte | Abuse Tactics (Lounge): Legendary Philly instrumental trio Stinking Lizaveta continues to shatter the myth about "female drummers" so prevalent in the male-dominated rock community, and is as equally comfortable with metal chug breakdowns as they are open-ended free form passages. An equally tough opening lineup help to make this a show well worth seeing.

3 on Sunday (Dan's)


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