Thursday, March 09, 2006

It List Thursday 3/9/06

First, we found out from our best friends at Texasgigs that the last batch of SXSW wristbands will be going on sale some time next week. What time next week and where? We don't know yet, although we would guess it will be at Waterloo... have they ever been sold anywhere else? Anyway they will cost $175 and there will probably only be a couple thousand available at most, so we'll give you more info when we get it. Oh yeah, you apparently HAVE to sign up for SXSW text messages in order to get the information next week, so you can do that here.

In other news, Dallas kids should get over to Good Records in a couple hours (by 6pm to be exact) to see a free instore set from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and The Donkeys. Both are good and its free, even though you will probably end up buying a CD or something.

Denton kids don't have to worry because they can see Casiotone for the Painfully Alone along with the Donkeys tonight at Rubber Gloves for five bucks. If you don't know, Casiotone sounds exactly like the name might suggest... bedroom synthpop. Very good stuff. Donkeys remind me of sad Velvet Underground songs... and a few of the happy ones too. We'd never heard them until today, but we likes it.

And as usual, tonight will be Mile End at Fallout, where electronica, indie, britpop, etc. will be heard. Word on the streets is that the crowd is starting to pick up over there a bit, so maybe you should jump on that bandwagonesque.


Anonymous Carlin said...

My understanding is that they are only sending the text message about wristbands to 512 area code numbers. Worth a shot though!

4:20 PM  
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