Monday, June 18, 2007

It List: Monday 6/18/07

Mike Tamburo/Zanzibar Snails/Handbrake/Dust Congress(Rubber Gloves): Regular readers probably aren't surprised that we dig on Mike Tamburo's Ghosts of Marumbey, released earlier this year. It's a haunting and pretty collection of collage music stuffed with so many different kinds of sounds we don't really have time to describe. Since we're a bit short on time today, I would suggest reading this rather informative review from Pitchfork. And with Zanzibar Snails opening, it'll be a pleasantly blurry start to the week.

Bad Azz Jazz (Amsterdam)

New Thrill Parade/Doppleganger/Wildlife(1919 Hemphill): Apparently 1919 has hit some very tough times: low on funds, almost without electricity, and in need of some support. Coming out to this early show might be one way to help them out. It might also be a way to see some interesting bands. Doppleganger is the noise side project of a couple members of Koji Kondo. This looks to be one of the coolest shows 1919 has had in a while, so don't wimp out.


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Polyphonic Spree CD release party at Good Records 9pm to 1am

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I'm sure Tim Delaughter's rich daddy gives him all the support he needs.

Same's true for the Cavern/Spune's rich daddy, Central Market.

1919 sounds like the place to be.

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