Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Art List

Yikes, there's a lot of shit going on this weekend. Hit it up.


Soylent Green (Centraltrak)7pm
Film screenings at Centraltrak! At least for this week and next week (Escape from New York is next- hell yes). I hope this becomes a regular event. Wonder if this weeks pick has anything to do with the And/Or exhibit coming up soon?


Joseph Havel: Two Sheets (Dallas Contemporary) 7-9:30pm


Ed Blackburn:News (Artspace III) 7-9pm
Worth the drive to Fort Worth, trust me.

The Armchair Naturalist, Sterling Rainbow, and Tim Sullivan: New Works (Conduit)5-8pm
Three different shows going on at the same time! And they all look amazing: The Armchair Naturalist features paintings and sculptures of Michael Roch, and Sterling Rainbow features the work of Tami Demaree, Dani Tull and Steven Hull.

William Lamson: Actions (Marty Walker) 6-8pm
Video and photography from the Brooklyn based artist.

Jeffrey Silverthorne (PDNB)5-8pm

Ronald Moran (Pan American)5-8pm

Laray Polk, Simeen Ishaque, and Sasha Dela (The MAC) 5:30-7:30pm

George Schroeder: Assemblages in Iron (HCG)5-8pm

Aaron Parazette: Surf Trip(Dunn and Brown)6-8pm

Jackie Tileston: Phenomorama (Holly Johnson)5-8pm

Photo courtesy of Conduit Gallery, Michael Roch's Summer Vacation 1974.


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why not?

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Really good show in the UNT Art Building right now called "Foreign Lands" and its mostly watercolor art from Andrew Savage of Teenage Cool Kids fame. His art is really fucking cool.

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