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A somewhat slow weekend, but we've had some good ones lately, so just deal (check our show calendar for even more shows:


Dr. Doom vs. Dr. Octagon (The Loft): Not only has Kool Keith had an on-again/off-again sci-fi theme in his music, his work also shares a lot of similarities with some of the worst science fiction: too many releases, too many sequels, kills and resurrects too many characters, etc. In spite of all that, I still think he is easily the greatest living rapper.

Acknowledging his own multifaceted role playing, his most recent tour is called "Dr. Octagon Versus Dr. Dooom," two names which have surely built the excitement for this show. Personally, I think Keith is at his best when he comes back to earth and attacks the mind-numbing and unnecessary minutiae of the music industry, as he did so well on his 2000 release, Matthew. I guess I overlooked the fact that Matthew was critically panned, because I think it's his most solid album. I was doing a little research today and only saw one-and-a-half or two stars on various reviews. It is most pointedly on this record that his fans, journalists, hype, production values, stage show efforts, and of course, his fellow artists all come ruthlessly under attack. I'd be lying if I said I didn't play this on a regular basis when trying to find the inspiration to write another It List, and I would go to this show just on the off-chance that he performs one song from that record.

 I'll leave you with some choice lines:

On After-parties:

"Bringin' mad shit from down South, big after-parties
I'ma turn my phone off, I don't want to shake hands, meet no-fuckin'-body
Arrogant bastard, no commercial shit...Fuck the critics, Everything I make is a hit."

On The Internet:

"Forget the Internet, the website, that's no way to step right
I ain't sittin' by no computer, I'm goin' to Bermuda."

On Fans:

"You turn me off as a fan
Approaching me backstage with a guy that's not your friend
Lyin' to get a laminate, is that your man?
Some weird guy starin' at me like Peter Pan."

On Critics:

"What you know about my shit?
Why you reviewin' it, why you ratin' it? You fuckin' hate it."

On Record Release Shows:

"Make you take the CDs out the shelf
Come to your record release party, show you some shit
and make you piss on yourself"

On taking a fellow artist out to dinner:

"You keep it real
Too real motherfuckin' broke
Nobody was saying that shit when I was payin' for them hot wings
Hope you burn your fuckin' lips"

I could do this all day. Have fun tonight. -DL

Social with Yeahdef and Females (the Cavern)

Beloved Binge/Zwounds/Smitten Kittens (1919 Hemphill)

Awkquarius/PVC Street Gang/Rivercrest Yacht Club (Doublewide)

Ryland Bouchard/Fishboy/Drew Danbury/Emperor X (Rubber Gloves)


Bosque Brown CD release with Blackbird Harmony (Good Records, 3pm, Free, Free beer)

Cut Copy/Matt and Kim/DJ Knightlife (Granada): Melbourne, Australia's Cut Copy is one of those groups that always seems to be on the cusp of becoming a cross-over, radio friendly indie dance/pop success story, but I wouldn't know whether they have or not because I don't follow that shit. And maybe they've already crossed over to at least the somewhat big time with this second headlining show at the Granada and a coveted appearance on the soundtrack to FIFA 09 late last year. Not that we want to go on some lame tirade against "selling out" or video game soundtracks or something, but Cut Copy is a group that very much exists in the "now," and might have a tough time scoring a headlining gig at the Granada even six months from now. Despite the fact that they've been around since 2001, the group really came into its own with last year's full length In Ghost Colours, a sugary sweet indie dance record that felt a little bit like a big box of candy at the movies-- wonderful at first, but regretful and perhaps even embarrassing once you've had the chance to digest it. Below average lyrical content coupled with no surprises production that combined 80's synth, disco, and that unmistakable 00's retro inauthenticity made the whole proposition seem perfect for little more than a time capsule that might reappear ten years from now during the taping of an I Love The 00's episode. Is it decent party music? Sure. Will there be a lot of attractive SMU students at this thing? Probably. But as you watch them all zip around in their American Apparel gear (I'm sick of even making jokes about that store), you might start to wonder when we're all (fans, media, fashion industry, etc.) finally going to declare this brand of (now) pre-packaged, somewhat unimaginative "counter-culture"(brought to you by Myspace and Scion) dead on the table, i.e. completely irrelevant thanks to oversaturation, just like so many other trends in American and European underground music over the past couple of decades. Whenever it happens, you'll find a lot of people who won't know what the hell to do with themselves. Party on! — Stoned Ranger

SAS (Zubar): Select and Schwa will be manning the decks in the back room of Zubar... will probably get packed after Cut Copy.

Wovenhand/True Widow/Shiny Around the Edges (Club Dada): Fairly solid show in Deep Ellum-- Wovenhand's David Eugene Edwards has toured with Nick Cave, and you can certainly tell that Cave's work has been an influence on his songwriting, as has Bauhaus, Angels of Light and Echo and the Bunnymen. Mixing bits of goth and Americana with a highly theatric vocal delivery might sound like a bad idea on paper, but Wovenhand actually manages to do it quite well. True Widow and Shiny Around the Edges are surely appropriate openers for this one. Recommended. — Stoned Ranger

PVC Street Gang/Darktown Strutters/Eat Avery's Bones/Slackbeat (The Chat Room): Do yourself a favor-- Eat Avery's Bones rarely plays shows anymore, so go see them while you have a chance. A solid line up all around at one of the most pleasant and comfortable places to see a show in North Texas. Spend a few minutes at the Chat Room on a Saturday night and you'll start to realize that everyone in Ft. Worth actually IS pretty nice. — Stoned Ranger


For Your Pleasure with DJ G (Hailey's)

Spring Affair with Luke Sardello/Scwha/Big J/Mike Constantino/David Lewis/Brett Johnson (Reverchon Park located at 3401 Maple Ave, Dallas): This free event is the first in a series of outdoor parties which will be held once a month with a revolving lineup. Starts at noon and over by 6 PM. — DL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

got the keys!!!!!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous michael said...

New podcast up featuring new/unreleased songs from Nervous Curtains, Dust Congress, The Family Circuits, New Science Projects, Parata, the pAper chAse, Magnets, Dirty Water Disease, Daniel Folmer and an interview/performance from Ryan Thomas Becker.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous blue flowers said...

I love kool keiths music but I didn't dig his live show at granada. I still don't know if it was even him up there performing. too many hype men yellin and bouncin.

when are bleach boys playing dallas?!?!

6:21 PM  
Anonymous kool keith said...

urinate on your toaster

6:26 PM  
Anonymous superbligged84 said...

i'll let you suckas know how that kool keith show is....i'm gettin excited. i'm sure it'll be better than when i bought a ticket to see him open for red hot chili peppers + foo fighters at starplex and missed most of that shit. damn it.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ISHI is playing tonight @ the prophet bar

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1919 march27

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

matt and kim will be kind of cool. their music sucks pretty bad, but i hear they put on a good live show.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

matt and kim will be kind of cool. their music sucks pretty bad, but i hear they put on a good live show.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cut copy yeah

3:53 AM  
Anonymous wsjr hater said...

wsjr sucks

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much is cover at the Chat Room tonight?

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt and kim are horrid. I think kim fucked the stick figure dude. Gross

11:31 AM  
Anonymous chat room said...


3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:11 PM  
Anonymous white trash skull smash said...


11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:00 AM  
Anonymous terminal 3 at the chat room said...

PVC Street Gang are wetting pussy and stiffening cock right now

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

peach street gang> pvc street gang

2:30 PM  
Anonymous wireless pervert said...

I've got a stiff cock for terminal 3

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Holly said...

More artist profiles treated as interviews using lyrics.
Love it.
Doesn't hurt the KK is a nutball.

12:21 PM  

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