Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday Morning Rock


TUE: Passion Pit/Harlem Shakes/Cale Parks (Granada Theater)
WED: Sir Richard Bishop and his Freaks of Anaby Ensemble/Oaxacan/Shane English (Rubber Gloves)
WED: Black Moth Super Rainbow/School of Seven Bells/Darktown Strutters (Hailey's)
WED: Detour with Redsean/Select/Vega/Ishi/Hoyotoho (the Cavern)
THU: Animal Collective/Black Dice (House of Blues)
THU: Au Revoir Simone/The Antlers (The Cavern)
FRI: Mika Miko/Strange Boys/Bad Sports (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Constantines/Crystal Antlers (Sons of Hermann Hall)
FRI: Quick's Next Big Thing with Play N Skillz/Damaged Goods/Dove Hunter/The O's and more (Granada)
SAT: Bonnie Prince Billy (Granada)

Friday, May 29, 2009


Gah... there's a bunch of shit going on. Again.Thanks a lot, fun.   And almost everyone who works for this blog is M.I.A. at the moment, so let's see what I can do to impress you today (Check out show calendar for even more):


Cult Ritual/Wiccans/Big Blow/Four Days to Burn (Bike House):  Should be another rowdy ass show at Bike House tonight, with Florida's Cult Ritual bringing some skuzzy, ultra-violent hardcore that has helped the band start to really build a name for themselves amongst the DIY punk community.  Fans of groups like Sex Vid and Crass will certainly be into this.  Locals Wiccans are another highlight here, featuring members of Wax Museums and Orange Coax, among others.  Bike House is turning into one of the better places to see a show in the area, and I'm really glad its repin' my hood.  I'm pretty sure that shows at the Bike House usually start around 7 or 8 PM.

Percolator with A. One/Select/Prince William/Keith P/Jason Mundo (Zubar):  New monthly serves as a virtual who's who of some of the best DJs in Dallas, with A One and Select manning the front room and Keith P and Prince William in the back with guest Jason Mundo, a line up that has all the makings for a diverse night full of party anthems AND shit you probably haven't heard before.  I really can't imagine a better place to dance tonight.... or to try to get laid or do drugs or whatever it is you do.  JK drugz r 4 jerkz yall 4real

Bob Log III/Willem Maker/El Paso Hot Button (Club Dada):  A trio of one man bands with different sounds and very solid reputations.  

Venison Whirled/Xathax/Goat/Lychgate/Ashes/Casey Duncan (Wasted Words):  Another fantastic harsh noise show at Arlington's Wasted Words, a DIY venue that has been hosting some of the most challenging and quality acts you'll find anywhere in the area.  

Tame Tame and Quiet/Woozyhelmet/Record Hop (Sunshine Bar, Arlington):  This is a send off show for Tame Tame and Quiet's Pat Ferguson, who will be deployed to Afghanistan some time in the very near future.  If you're into Tame Tame at all, then I'd stop by and check them out because this will be your last chance to see them for a while at least.  Good luck to Pat, and we'll all hope for his safe return home.

Social with Females/Yeah Def (The Cavern)

The Silent Way/Zero Harmony/Smile Full of Ale (1919 Hemphill)


Pat Mahoney/Hercules and Love Affair DJ set (Lizard Lounge):  DFA's Hercules and Love Affair put out my favorite record of 2008-- sort of a love letter to obscure disco and early house, the full length just seemed to come out at exactly the right time while featuring exactly the right front person, Antony Hegarty, singing lead on some of the album's best tracks.  What was so impressive about the group's self titled debut was not just the great production values, songwriting and performances, but the obvious crate digging instincts and historical knowledge of the group's founder Andy Butler, and I imagine that his eclectic taste and ear for great tracks will shine through in his DJ sets, which I imagine, just like his records, will be heavy on disco and Chicago house, which will be a welcome change at the Lizard Lounge, a Dallas club known for hosting both the best and the worst of dance music.  Headliner Pat Mahoney is LCD Soundsystem's amazing live drummer, and although he might not get a lot of credit, he is the driving force behind the band's incredible live shows.  A rare and extremely exciting bill for house fans that I wouldn't recommend missing.  

Melissa's Deluxe Prom Party with PVC Street Gang/Keith P/Anthony Social/Blake Ward (the Cavern)

Vigilante Presents:  DJ Fishrpryce/Lionheart/jack Rabbit James/Dustin Cavazos/Ty City/8 Bit Cynics/Astronautalis (the Lounge)

Har Herrar/New Science Projects/Slow Burners (Chat Room)

Ghostcar/Jack with One Eye (Amsterdam)

Robert Gomez/Bosque Brown/John Brown/Matthew Gray (Lola' 6th)

Record Hop/Raised by Tigers/Jason Reimer/Criminal Shift (Hailey's):  Tame Tame and Quiet's Pat Ferguson is also a member of Raised by Tigers, so stop by and check them out too if you're a fan, because again, I don't suppose you'll get to see them for quite a while.  


Free Pat Mahoney/Hercules and Love Affair Tickets

We're really excited about getting the rare chance to see a DJ set from LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney and the excellent Hercules and Love Affair at the Lizard Lounge this Saturday night, and our friends at Prototype Industries Full Access were nice enough to hook us up with three pairs of tickets for the show. If you'd like to win a pair, please email with "Hercules and Love Affair" as the subject and your full name in the email body before 6PM tonight. We'll choose winners at random. Good luck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It List: Thursday

Those of you who feel like taking a break from fighting over dance parties and stuff should take a look at this excellent article about the current state of our private health care system and what can be done about it. A lot of the article centers around the nation's most expensive city for health care, McAllen, TX. Go figure, right? Anyway, shows (and be sure to see our post about Big J's excellent new single with Flying Lotus here):

Top Notch Thursdays with Sober (The Cavern)

80's Night with DJ G (Hailey's)

Peter and the Wolf (Bee's Manor, 306 Texas St. Denton): Apparently a somewhat "secret" show we found out about just at the last second here. Not sure what time it starts but I'd guess 8 or 9 if you wanted to be safe.

Wild in the Streets (Amsterdam Bar): There is something very appealing about the idea of Wild in The Streets happening at the Amsterdam these days. Seems like the perfect setting.

Art List by R.H.

El Tocadiscos is out on tour with "Echoes" (the Pink Floyd cover band).

Weekend Event

D Art Slam
Friday, May 29 through Sunday, May 31
Presented by D Magazine

Friday, May 29th: 11 - 7
Saturday, May 30th: 11 - 7
Sunday, May 31st: 11 - 4

"D Magazine and the Fashion Institute Gallery are holding the first annual D Art Slam at f.i.g.'s light-filled space. This three-day event will attract thousands of local art buyers looking to purchase original art for both personal and corporate collections. Local artists can apply now to exhibit and sell their drawings, paintings, and photography alongside more than 125 other local artists."

Thursday, May 28

CADD Art Lab
with Stephen Lapthisophon and Diane McGurren
Thursday, May 28, 7 pm

Diane McGurren's real nice.

Richard Patterson
Goss-Michael Foundation
artist's wikipedia entry
Closing reception Thursday, May 28, 6-8 pm (rsvp to

Friday, May 29

(but see D Art Slam above)

Saturday, May 30

The Beat Goes On: Southern California 1965 to Present
Barry Whistler Gallery
Exhibition discussion with Frances Colpitt Saturday, May 30, 3 pm

Viewfinder: New Images by Texas Artists
Dallas Contemporary
Yen-Hua Lee reception Saturday, May 30, 2-4 pm;
Artist talk at 2:30 pm

Ayman Alamoudi: The Bio-Digital...
Opens Saturday, May 30, 6-8 pm

Past, Present & Future
F6 Gallery
Saturday, May 30, 7-11 pm

Sam Scott (Santa Fe, NM)
HCG Gallery
artist's site
Opens Saturday, May 30, 5-8 pm

I'm pretty impressed by Sam Scott's stuff -- take a look at the portfolio on his site.

Sunday, May 31

Found Magazine's Denim & Diamonds Tour
The Public Trust
Sunday, May 31, show @ 8 pm ($5)

Monday, June 1

America Works
Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden
Panel Discussion Monday, June 1, 6:30 pm - RSVP required (email

Image courtesy of Sam Scott

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Not a whole hell of a lot going on today, but I figured I'd give you guys something, at least-- for Happy Mondays fans who have yet to see it, I'd highly recommend checking out the 2004 Shaun Ryder documentary entitled The Ecstacy and the Agony, which you can watch for free on Youtube in six parts starting here (find the other parts in the related videos section on the side). Although it's five years old, I hadn't ever seen it until the other day, and I have to admit that the feeling of a colossal train wreck that pervades throughout the film is highly entertaining and will likely further your enjoyment of the band, even if it makes you question their intelligence even more than you did before. Oh, it's kinda depressing too, in case you hadn't figured that out. Anyway, here are a few things:

Detour: Dead Twins/JT Mudd (the Cavern): I don't know about Mudd's art work, and I'm having trouble with these goddamn Myspace flash players, so I can't tell you what Dead Twins sound like. It doesn't look good though. :( Maybe one of our rare witty commentators can tell us in the comments!

Left of the Dial with DJG (Rubber Gloves)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

not new music tuesdays

Spectrum - Forever Alien (1997, Space Age)

Last week somebody posted a comment stating the Ghost album that was featured on nnmt was their favorite album back in 1997. This got me thinking about what my favorite album was in 1997. I narrowed the choices down to music that was current at the time and Spectrum's Forever Alien won the decision, with the most likely runner-up being Chokebore's A Taste for Bitters.

Armed with an arsenal of vintage synths that included a Serge modular, an Oxford OSCar, and an EMS VCS3 (duh!) among others, Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember drove the more song-oriented of his two post-Spacemen 3 projects down a slightly different path than those explored on the three previous Spectrum albums. While the simple melodies and rhythms that comprise nearly all of Kember's work as Spectrum are certainly present on this release, lending an air of familiarity to fans, it's the depth of the production distances this record from the group's previous releases. Layers upon layers of analog noises ensure new discoveries with each subsequent listening and give new meaning to the term 'druggy' as it applies to music.

It List: Tuesday

The Virgins (The Loft): I seriously have no idea how people can actually stomach being in the "music business." Honestly, hats off to them, even the total shitheads, because it has to be grueling to say the least. Running this blog over the past three and a half years has given me a taste, just a very small taste, of what the "biz" is like: putting on concerts, releasing records, interacting with publicists and agents and other record labels, dealing with the media, encountering the interworkings of the internet hype machine on a daily basis, etc. etc., the list goes on. And frankly, one of the main things I've taken away from this experience thus far is how numbing it can be, and how easily the business side of things can suck the life and joy out of music itself, turning even the most enthusiastic fans into a total cynics who start having a hard time getting enthusiastic about new music at all.

Unfortunately, the Virgins are a band that seem to have been created by and for the establishment that has fostered this climate, and what is particularly troubling about all this is that their music isn't even that terrible, pedestrian "mainstream" garbage that so many of us purport to loathe. According to those who call the shots, this is supposed to be the GOOD music, ya hear? This is "stylish," "thoughtful" "indie" rock for people with "good taste" and college degrees and urban lifestyles and impeccable fashion sense, and you're supposed to be eating it up because you're a trendy, discerning consumer who knows what's "cool." When I listen to the Virgins' god awful, oversexed derivative slop, the kind of stuff that Vice Magazine isn't even decadent enough to get behind, and when I see that this music is being made by four LES altrbro tools who appear to be little more than a boy band for college students who've heard a Serge Gainsbourg record, it just reminds me of the 1,000 plus times I've wanted to quit writing this blog just to escape the PR emails about what a QT the Virgins' lead singer is and how it was IMPOSSIBLE to get into Piano's when they played there and how their new album is this amazing new post-punk take on T.Rex or whatever the fuck this band is supposed to sound like this week. Luckily, however, I gave up on the Stereogums and Brooklyn Vegans of the world a long time ago, and I found that ignoring this crap is the only way I can still enjoy being involved in music on any level, especially writing about it. See? I just produced a couple decent sized paragraphs about a group of clowns that don't deserve any of our attention. IT REALLY WORKS!

90's Night With guest DJ Astronautalis (Hailey's)

Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge)

What Happened Saturday Night

Taylor Phillips, one of the Etc. Etc. organizers of Saturday's RIOT party, sent us this email explaining what happened with the police on Saturday (we'll add a bit more to this later on):

There are people who have big ideas and leave these ideas inside their head, never to be seen to completion. Then there are people who dream big and make every effort to see their dreams come to reality. As the Etc, Etc! girls, we chose to fall into the latter category of people. We see the incredible potential for various groups, styles, and types of people to all come together for the single purpose of having a good time. Every different group of people contains amazing individuals who, we feel, deserve the right and opportunity to meet and connect with one another. We also desire to promote talented musicians, artists, photographers, etc who deserve attention for their abilities. One of the best ways for this to happen is in the social setting that is known as a “party.”

Last Saturday, Etc, Etc! decided to create an event on a large scale that would bring people from different groups around Dallas together for an evening of pure fun. When coming up for the concept behind our party, the theme “RIOT” was derived mainly from breaking our limits within the social ties that have been placed around each different group. It was an opportunity for people who would otherwise never venture to the same bars, shows, restaurants, and other sources of entertainment to come together and experience something out of the ordinary. The more publicity this party received, the more the buzz of the party quickly spread around Dallas in many different groups of people.

Our intentions were never to undermine authority, nor to ignore laws that have been set in place. We truly wanted to bring people together in a setting out of the norm in order to have a good time and put on display our talented friends in whom we have so much faith. We contacted numerous companies, authorities, and people with history of event planning to ensure that we had everything lined up in a legitimate manner. We even brought in a team of TABC Certified bartenders to distribute the alcohol. Time and time again we received recognition for our efforts and encouragement behind the idea.

We received zero red flags of warning to what might occur. So we blazed on even harder and the attention to our event grew more and more. As a result, we were able to obtain donated alcohol from various sources, thus allowing us to charge a minimal entry donation to pay DJs, bands, workers, warehouse rent, and pay for cups, mixers, toilet paper, sound equipment, and so many other little “things.” The companies who supported the event were just as excited about our concepts as we were.

The party began at 11:00PM and at exactly 11:50PM a thick crowd of Dallas police officers and TABC officials burst into the warehouse and, without explaining what laws we had broken, immediately began to “seize” all of the alcohol. (By “seizing” the alcohol, we mean to say that everyone with a badge simply started pouring bottle after bottle out on the streets.) We approached the angry TABC officials (we were not approached by them) and were immediately escorted to a back room. Before anything was explained to us as to what we’d done wrong, they simply started pouring out the alcohol and began threatening to send us to jail.

During the hour and half it took them to pour out all the thousands of dollars of donated alcohol, the TABC officials revealed several key things about this invasion. One of which was that some anonymous person had literally mailed one of our flyers to the TABC in an attempt to sabotage the party. The TABC had planned on “busting” this party at least four days prior to the event. Instead of making a simple phone call to let us know that we were illegally throwing this party, the TABC and Dallas Police force found it necessary to bring dozens of authorities and spend time destroying alcohol. Our contact information is posted everywhere, a simple phone call could have avoided this entire catastrophe. They did not issue any tickets nor were any of us fined for throwing the party. We received only a “warning.” Everyone involved in this party lost a TON of money, even the DPD and TABC. They wasted their time and our time pouring out all of the alcohol bottle by bottle when they just could have called us. We tried desperately to reason with them and even offered to return all the money to the already 150 people in attendance and allow everyone else in for free, if they would just let us keep the alcohol. They refused saying that “the damage has already been done.”

The TABC and DPD changed their minds several times about this party saying at first that if we had contacted them before hand, they would have worked with us to legally throw this party, and then later changed their statements to say that there was no way they would have worked with us to make this party happen the way we had intended it to happen. We would have liked to think that with over sixty murders in this city and the prostitutes soliciting right outside the warehouse, the police would have better things to do on a Saturday night than smash thousands of jello shots.

The day after the warehouse party, we researched the laws that the TABC said we had broken and found that there literally is NO way parties can be thrown legally in Dallas if there is ANY exchange of money. Even house parties who have a keg are not legally allowed to request money towards the keg. Even when your hairdresser gives you a free glass of wine, it is considered illegal. Any event that provides alcohol and asks for some type of “donation,” even if it does not go towards the cost of alcohol is illegal. This could have happened to anyone in Dallas. We believe that we were targeted and that this bust was ultimately a power trip. The TABC laws are very much up for interpretation by the figures of authority and can be twisted any way the authorities see fit.

Basically, because there was SO much buzz about this party, the cops decided to make an example out of us. (Good job Dallas!) When the DPD and TABC finally left, we heard word that there were a lot of people that still wanted to come to the warehouse and party. Even though we couldn’t pay anyone to DJ, the DJs still wanted to play the tracks they had prepared. So we spread the word as quickly and effectively that the party was now free and BYOB. We were incredibly shocked when a enormously supportive 300 people showed up and partied with us.

We would like to encourage everyone to read, learn, and question these laws. We are so thankful that no further legal action is being carried against Etc, Etc! but we would encourage every single one of you to protect yourselves. As far as the future of Etc, Etc! we will continue to do what we love doing. Our success with this party was not completely experienced but we did receive a glimpse of our talents as party throwers and are excited to see how our next party develops.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tuesday Morning Rock

After a rather wild weekend in which the party we co-sponsored was busted AND I got a really bad sun burn, we're back to make you feel bad about yourselves (looks like a pretty slow week, if we missed a good show, let us know in the comments):


TUE: the Virgins (the Loft)
FRI: Cult Ritual/Wiccans/Vorvadoss (Bike House)
FRI: Bob Log III/Willem Maker/El Paso Hot Button (Club Dada)
SAT: Hercules and Love Affair (dj set)/Pat Mahoney (Lizard Lounge)
SAT: Ghostcar/Zanzibar Snails (Amsterdam Bar)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Jesus Christ-- there are a lot of shows this weekend, and I have NONE of my usual helpers to assist with write ups, so I'm going to do the best I can.  You can check our show calendar for even more info, and please feel free to add shows you don't see on there yourselves.  It's really easy and takes but a second, and we always love people who make our jobs a little bit easier.  Oh, and someone sent me this message on Facebook today:

"WSJR Award Nomination for Worst Club in Which to Have Explosive Diarrhea:  Rubber Gloves.  No fucking toilet paper in the men's room!"  Come on RG, hook us up next time, ok?  Shows:


Dub Assembly with Appleblim of Skull Disco/Mundo/Royal Highnuss/Tomb (Green Elephant): Appleblim is perhaps the most esteemed guest Dub Assembly has ever hosted, so if you've never been to one of their monthly parties but have an interest, I would highly recommend making tonight the one you go to.  For those who don't know, Skull Disco has been one of the most closely followed and highly acclaimed record labels to have emerged from the dubstep scene, and Appleblim was it's co-founder along with Shackleton, another hero of the genre.  Whereas much of the more popular dubstep that has emerged in the past few years (Skream, Burial, etc.) has taken direct inspiration from hip hop and electro/dance, the Skull Disco sound has always been significantly more challenging and abstract, with a focus on African percussion, tribal rhythms and raw worship of hard, heavy beats and bass with an overall approach that could be considered minimal when compared with contemporaries.  This rough minimalism landed them the admiration of critics as well as respected electro producers such as Ricardo Villalobos, who did an excellent remix on the label's first compilation.   For Appleblim to play in the United States outside of the normal spots (NYC, LA, SF, etc.) is probably a rare treat, and you can thank the well connected Dub Assembly crew for making it happen.

Eat Avery's Bones/Red Faced Laughter/Fungi Girls/Montezuma (Majestic Dwelling of Doom):  It's too bad that the Numerators canceled their performance tonight, but this will still be a fantastic show.  Members of Red Faced Laughter run the Majestic Dwelling these days, and although the group doesn't play out a whole hell of a lot, we really enjoy what they do and always look forward to seeing one of their sets.  I don't know if I've already told this story, but they mailed us one of their tapes a couple years ago in what appeared to be a custom, hand crafted package, and we absolutely loved it-- just a chaotic mix of all kinds of influences, everything from no wave to shoegaze to westcoast hardcore.  The problem was that we just kept putting off writing something about it until it was too late, and thus we totally screwed up.  Anyway, head out to hear how bad we screwed up tonight, and be sure to catch the excellent Fungi Girls and Eat Avery's Bones, who during their excellent set at the Dan Doyle record release party a few weeks ago made quite an impression on several people I was with that had never heard them before.

Humanization 4tet (Firehouse Gallery):  Portuguese jazz group featuring Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez will also feature a guest appearance from their father Dennis this evening at the new Metrognome Collective spot.  I pretty much don't even question what these guys do anymore, I just go watch and enjoy.  Just listen to the stuff on their Myspace if you don't believe me.  Doors at 8PM I believe.  

Little Birds/The Lovely Sparrows (Mountain House)

Outlaw Order/Midnight/Aten (Club Dada):  Honestly didn't have a lot of time to check these bands out before posting, but Outlaw Order sounds pretty fucking ferocious and if I end up being in the mood for this kind of stuff tonight I would certainly consider checking this out.  Solid stuff that features members of Eyehategod.  Oh, and locals Aten sound quite good too.  Some surprising local doom metal is always a good thing. 

Florene/Hotel Hotel/Salesman/Phantastes (Rubber Gloves)

Uptown Fridays with Select (Zubar)

Flock of Seagulls/When In Rome/Dramarama (House of Blues):  Former WSJR contributor and man behind the excellent San Francisco project Rangers, Howard Bob Johnson, is actually a big Flock of Seagulls fan who is constantly trying to get me to check out some of their "deep cuts" in order to see how underrated they are.  I did it once before and I kind of agreed with him actually.  Oops.  

Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos/Telekinesis (Hailey's):  Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos is honestly the worst band name of all time.  I can't even bring myself to listen to the stuff on their Myspace page.  Sowwy.  


Etc. Etc. and WSJR Present RIOT Warehouse Party (1800 Lear St., Dallas):  I already did a post on this today, so check out the info here, and get ready.  You all know you're so going anyway.  

Octopus Project/This Will Destroy You/UME (Granada):  Sorry to be immature but can the chick from UME be my GF?  K thnx.  

Jack with One Eye/Blixaboy (Good Records):  These usually start at 6 and always have free beer, as both groups are celebrating releases on Wanz Dover's Stereo on Strike label.  

Possessed by Paul James/Brent Best/Chris Welch (Rubber Gloves)


Rival Gang/Rocket for Ethiopia/Fungi Girls/Scoff/Lady K (1649 W. Henderson St., Cleburne):  Great weekend for a fun Sunday show like this as everyone has Monday off.  Cleburne is a hell of a drive, but a great line up like this combined with my curiosity about what a show in Cleburne looks like almost makes me think that I'll drive out to this show... we'll see.  Not sure what time this starts, but I think I heard 7PM.  

Zoroaster/Mouth of the Architect/H...N (Club Dada)

For Your Pleasure with DJG (Hailey's)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Etc. Etc. and We Shot J.R. Present

Our new friends at Etc., Etc. Promotions are growing up pretty fast. After putting on their first successful event a few months ago at Backyard Beach Bar, they've decided to take it up several notches this weekend with Riot, a massive warehouse dance party they've put together that is shaping up to be a pretty damn big deal, and possibly one of the biggest electro/dance events to hit Dallas in several months.  There's something exciting about a warehouse party, and we're happy to be co-sponsoring this with them.  Here are the details:

RIOT Warehouse Party

Saturday, May 23rd
1800 Lear St. Dallas, TX
$7 pre-sale, $10 at the door, $20 VIP

with performances by:

Select (4am)
Justin Bell (3am)
Damaged Good$ (2am)
Blake Ward (1am)
Gallery Cat (12am)
Keith P (11pm)

(Three Olives Vodka and Red Stripe will be providing the drinks with the price of your admission.  Tell them you're a We Shot J.R. reader at the door and you'll receive a special gift basket that will include-- suspicious looks, an increased cover charge, and a chance to win a romantic getaway to the next Disturbathon.)  

It List: Thursday

Find more shows on our show calendar...

The Thermals/Shaky Hands (the Loft): The other day I was driving around with a friend in her car listening to what sounded like pretty straight forward pop punk influenced indie rock, but after inquiring about what we were listening to, I found out that it was the latest Thermals record. I found this disappointing for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I so thoroughly enjoyed the band's 2003 debut More Parts Per Million, which was probably the first pop punk album I was really able to get behind since the mid 90's. Not that this kind of music needs to be particularly cerebral or even all that original to be enjoyable, but upon listening a little more to the group's two most recent records, it seemed that some of the amateurish fun of their initial material has vanished, and although you could do a lot worse than the Thermals when it comes to this kind of music, it's just a tad disheartening to hear a great band that seems to be running in place without a lot of new ideas or compelling songwriting or recording choices, especially considering their rather silly first single from their most recent album. The Thermals are probably a slightly more important band than most people give them credit for being, but I just expected more out of this band's newer material, even six years after my initial introduction to them.

Pataphysics/Schwa/Fishboy (Rubber Gloves)

Ponytail/True Widow/Fight Bite (The Cavern): Ponytail are quite well known for their live shows, and they truly sit far above most of Baltimore's Wham City also-rans, seemingly digging a bit deeper into more adveturous territory than most of their peers while still managing to be a shitload of fun. True Widow is another group with a great reputation for live shows, but for obviously very different reasons, and they would probably have a pretty easy time packing the Cavern on their own. Translation: get there early if you want to get into this, because I'm guessing there will be a very healthy turnout.

Earthlings (1919 Hemphill): A animal rights documentary screening. A little info here.

Shogun Assassin Screening (Angelika, 8pm)

Refactory 1 feat. Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights/Dove Hunter/Airline (1800 Lear St.): This show takes place at the warehouse space where Disturbathon is normally held, and will also feature visual art and a fashion show, which will be helpful since Airline and Jonathan Tyler are two of the more boring local bands I can think of. I wonder what its like to be totally into them? Anyway, I believe this starts at 8 or 9pm, and we're co-sponsoring a really great party taking place there on Saturday... more info on that a little later.

Wild in the Streets (Amsterdam)

80's Night with DJG (Hailey's)

Art List by R.H.

El Tocadiscos is out on tour with Avril Lavigne...

Major Weekend Event
40th Annual Art Fest @ Fair Park
Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-24, 2009
$6 at the gate / $5 in advance at your neighborhood Tom Thumb store(s)

My parents volunteered at Art Fest every year when I was really little. I got to ride around on a golf cart. I mostly remembered the smell of cheap tap beer in plastic cups. One time I tripped on a curb and got hot tar all over my new shirt. Good memories.

Thursday, May 21

Cynthia von Buhler (NYC), Miguel Paredes (Miami), and Scott Bakal (NYC)
4th Wall Gallery
Opens Thursday, May 21, 7-10:00 PM

"The 4th Wall has been defined as 'feeding one’s mind and soul through imaginative artists and is sure to tantalize and impress the minds of both the beginning and the experienced art collector.'" Evidently this show is some kind of collection of "Lowbrow artists", i.e., "the underground visual art movement that began in LA in the late 1970’s and now is a widespread populist art movement that has been called pop surrealism."

I can't get through von Buhler's site (flash madness), but evidently she's a contemporary surrealist (okay, I did find the paintings eventually, and I'd put some of it on my wall). Paredes is evidently a hip hop chef by day/night; painter by other times. His retarded web site plays music automatically when you visit... just in case you wanted to inform all your co-workers that you're not working. Scott Bakal's stuff looks delicate.

Friday, May 22

Inki Min: Bear Necessities
Dahlia Woods Gallery
Opens Friday, May 22, 6-8:30 PM

I can't really find much out about Inki Min, but this stuff looks pretty amazing. She or he "blends abstract expressionism, realism and whimsy to create a deeply affecting vision." Featured image above.

Photoworks 2009
Jose Briseno, Megan Charter, Amber Clark, Hubert Duong, Leah Foster, Tim Kingsbury, Kari Kolodzie, Mark Lauman, Melissa Muilenburg, Long Nguyen, Rhea Phelan, Natalie Price, Daniel Song, Lezlie Strickland, Nathan Woodruff and Kia Wright
UT Dallas Visual Arts Building
Opens Friday, May 22, 6:30 pm

I was tempted to look all these artists up... but, can anyone tell us who doesn't suck?

"The Martin Mixer"
Christopher Martin Gallery
Friday, May 22, 8-11:00 PM

Not sure what this event is, but it sounds kind of seedy. I picture showing up to a sleek Uptown loft, standing around awkwardly for about thirty minutes, wanting to get another glass of wine, but not wanting to look like an alcoholic or cheapskate... then the lights go down, you're one of only four people there, two of whom are twice your age... and then the home made porn starts on a massive television panel hanging on a white wall. Mommy.

Saturday, May 23

Please cut my balls off now and save me the trouble of attending the Centraltrak Panel Discussion entitled:
Janus Face, Antipode, or Homologue - Feminism and Conceptualism 1965-75 with Fran Colpitt, Marilyn Waligore, Noah Simbalist, and Eric Stryker
Saturday, May 23, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

I hope sweet, sweet Charissa Terranova gives a 30-minute-long introduction... and someone else gives her a 15-minute introduction including an entire resume review.

"This is.... Still Life" by William Martin
Cameron Gallery
Opens Saturday, May 23, 6 - 9:00 PM

Martin Family represent this weekend! But Cameron Gallery's flash web site freezes up halfway through loading, so I have no idea what this is. And the guy's name is too common to google, unless he's the artist who died in 1867. That would certainly be still life! Har har! Fuck me.

Image courtesy of Dahlia Woods Gallery

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Isis/Pelican/Tombs (Granada Theater): Isis, of course, is a highly skilled and typically excellent metal band with avant and prog influences that actually make them pretty interesting, as evidenced by their involvement with people such as Justin Broderick and Tim Hecker, and their admitted Neurosis, Melvins and Swans influences.... all positive attributes. Tombs, too, is a very solid shoegaze metal act, and one that has been receiving a lot of attention in their native Brooklyn recently, thanks in part to the upcoming release of a highly anticipated full length album later this year (which will probably be available at the show). However, Pelican? Does anyone really listen to that band? I have had a lot of trouble over the years trying to figure out why people find this group entertaining, and trust me--- I love metal, instrumentals, noise, music that "takes patience," and, to borrow some words from a personal lyrical hero, I "dig repitition." Still don't dig these guys though.

Crystal Method/LA Riots (House of Blues): I think I tried to see this band at Deep Ellum live in like 1997 but couldn't get in because I wasn't old enough or something. My dad was probably glad that I didn't get into this show just so that I didn't "waste my money and hang out with idiots," and now I'm glad about it too. Thanks Dad!

PS-- Openers LA Riots kind of remind me of this conversation I had with Alan Palomo once where he talked about how low IQ hipster dance acts are completely ruining electronic music in the eyes of people with decent taste, and LA Riots seem to be the poster boys for this argument.

Apple Miner Colony/Heartstring Stranglers/Suprise Guest DJ (Bee's Manor, 306 Texas St., Denton): Free show starts at 9pm featuring the headliners, Apple Miner Colony, who are a 20 piece "folk orchestra."

Dust Congress/Burnt Sienna Trio/Chris Welch (Dan's Silverleaf): This show kicks off a brief tour for Dust Congress to coincide with their latest release, as the band will head through the dirty south and make their way to some of the worst cities Florida has to offer.

Left of the Dial with DJ G (Rubber Gloves): Spinning post-punk, goth, early industrial, shoegaze, etc. Go see a DJ who actually knows what the fuck he's talking about for a change, people. Wanz Dover will be guesting with G tonight.

Propagandhi/Bridge and Tunnel (Prophet Bar): I think I tried to see this band at the Argo in like 1995 but couldn't get in because I wasn't old enough or something. My dad was probably glad that I didn't get into this show so that I didn't "waste my money and hang out with idiots," and now I'm glad about it too. Thanks Dad!

Free Isis Tickets

Our friends at the Granada were nice enough to hook us up with three pairs of tickets to tonight's Isis/Pelican/Tombs show, and since the show IS in fact tonight, and we don't have much time to do this, we're going to give these tickets away to the first three people who email with "Isis" as the subject line and their full name in the body. We'll try to update this post right away to let you know when the contest is over, but in case we can't, we'll tell you that we posted it at 135 PM to give you some idea whether you still have a shot. Good luck!

UPDATE: Contest is over ya'll

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It List: Tuesday

We're having a little problem with our internet connection today, so here's uh, something (and more coming soon):

The Beaten Sea/Ryan Thomas Becker/Sabra Laval/Macon Terry (Annex House)

Dan Dockrill/Tang Lung (J&Js)

Disqo Disco (Fallout Lounge)

90's Night with Yeahdef (Hailey's)

not new music tuesdays/half-ass show review: Ghost

Ghost - Lama Rabi Rabi (1996, Drag City)

Mrs Cheeks and I managed to make the trip down to Austin over the weekend to see Japan's Ghost play at the Mohawk. Though I've been a huge fan of their music since this record came out 13 years ago I have never been able to catch one of their shows, so to say that I was pretty jazzed about going would be a tremendous understatement.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a band that, over the course of eight wildly eclectic albums, has probably included close to twenty members (there is no way that I'm going to look at all the albums and get the exact count). They played as the six piece that recorded last year's In Stormy Nights album, including the inimitable Michio Kurihara on guitar, who has also played with the likes of White Heaven and Boris. Overall it was a rock oriented set with a few forays into free-form improv that drew equally from all of the band's records. It was nice to see electrified versions of old 'classics' like 'Orange Sunshine,' 'Sun is Tangging,' and 'Marrakech,' among others. The only real issue that I had was the fact that the show was originally supposed to be outside, but due to weather was moved indoors. There were too many people for such a small space, forcing us to see a few songs from the bar area before making it into the room that the band was actually playing in.

I'm not sure why they didn't play locally. Following a brief tour in 2004 in support of their well received Hypnotic Underground album, the band vowed not to return to the States until then President George W. Bush was out of office. I personally believe that dislike for a country's head of state is a pretty shitty reason to deprive your fans of a chance to see you play, especially when most of them share the same opinion about the guy. Maybe they didn't want to play in Dallas because old W resides here now, who knows?

The album showcased this week for NNMT was their first for Drag City, and fourth overall. Lama Rabi Rabi is probably the most balanced of all the albums, with the group's rock, folk and drone/meditative sides all displayed fairly equally.

Ghost's back catalog is getting increasingly harder to find in it's physical form, so I thought I'd be a nice guy and include the tracks from their two 1995 7 inches, Moungod Air Cave (live) b/w Guru in the Echo (live) and Holy High b/w Filament, released on The Now Sound and Holy Mountain respectively.

Free Harvey Milk Tickets

The folks at Rubber Gloves were nice enough to hook us up with a pair of tickets to Harvey Milk's performance next Monday, May 25th with the Great Tyrant and Hawk vs. Dove. If you want to win them, just email any time between now and Thursday at noon. Please include your full name in the body of the email and make "Harvey Milk" the subject. Good luck, rockers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It List: Monday

After quite a hectic weekend for many of us here at WSJR HQ, tonight is kinda like down time for us.... aren't we allowed to not care about your local music scene for one day please? Anyway, we expect to have a couple different things for you this week including an album review, some ticket giveaways, and a couple other surprises... including the biggest surprise of all, which would be us actually publishing all the stuff we're planning on. We'll see how it goes. I don't know how I can compete with DL's mean spirited weekender from last Friday, so I'll just list a couple things going on tonight and promise that the rest of the week will be waaaaaay better:

Har Herrar/Asbestos Mouth/Post-America Recordings/The Hearstring Stranglers (J&Js Pizza)

Cool Out (The Cavern)

Jazz (Amsterdam)

Monday Morning Rock


THU: Ponytail/True Widow/Fight Bite (The Cavern)
THU: The Thermals (The Loft)
FRI: Dub Assembly with Appleblim of Skull Disco/Mundo/Royal Highnuss/Tomb (Green Elephant)
FRI: The Numerators/Red Faced Laughgter/Eat Avery's Bones/Fungi Girls/Montezuma (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)
FRI: Florene/Hotel Hotel/Salesman/Phantasies (Rubber Gloves)
SAT: Etc. Etc. and WSJR Present-- Riot Warehouse Party with Keith P/Damaged Goods/Gallery Cat/Blake Ward/Justin Bell/DJ Select (1800 Lear St., Dallas)
SAT: Octopus Project/This Will Destroy You/UME (Granada)
SUN: Fungi Girls/Rival Gang/Rocket For Ethiopia/Scoff/Lady K (1649 W. Henderson St., Cleburne)
SUN: Zoroaster/Mouth of the Architect/H...N (Club Dada)

Friday, May 15, 2009


We're kind of having a crisis here at WSJR today. I thought SR was going to do this and he thought I was going to. Honestly neither of us is really in a position to be writing a bunch of event descriptions, as we will both be out of DFW this weekend. To save time, I am going to write in the my true defensive voice, which is what I always intended when I started writing for this thing. Please check out the 715 Panhandle write-up by Daniel Zeigler and Payton Green below as well.-DL


Fergus and Geronimo/Schwa (Bunker Hill): What do you have against this show? Is it that you don't like the Motown influence mixed in with your poppy indie punk? Seriously, what is your problem? Is it that your band has never had a single label solicit it for demos even though you've been playing music for fourteen years? While, they've had a hundred labels solicit them, and for all I know they have never even had band practice, and may not even exist. Is that your deal?

Is your problem with this show that there's a DJ performing? Does that totally fuck with your HxCx world? Sucks, man. Maybe he'll play a Liquid Liquid song in there somewhere. Would that help? You seriously should just get over it and go to this show.

Metal Rouge/Anvil Salute/Shortwave Death System/Aaron Gonzalez, Nevada Hill, Sarah Alexander (Firehouse Gallery, Ft. Worth) Why can't people just accept that not everyone that performs music is going to "write songs?" What the fuck is wrong with people? Why do old people like Jackson Pollock and treat him the way people used to treat Norman Rockwell, yet when it comes to music, they hear something remotely atonal, "treated," or unplanned and they freak out? Why are young people in DFW like old people everywhere else? I mean Shortwave Death System's manipulation of radio frequencies with various effects is just more interesting than a bluegrass duo, sorry. Does that make me an asshole? Aaron Gonzalez just happens to be one of the greatest bass players that you'll ever hear locally, Nevada Hill one of the most versatile and interesting guitarists, and Sarah Alexander one of the greatest and versatile and interesting vocalists. So hearing them play together will be a privilege. Why don't you check this out instead of scouring for drink specials?

Jubilee/Big Fiction/Zwounds/Sometimes The Bear Gets You/We The Granada (1919 Hemphill)

Fischerspooner (Granada): You probably hate this band because they're "not really a band." You probably just chalk them up to being performance art. They probably pissed you off when they covered that Wire song. Maybe it's time to see if they have accidentally turned into a real band, as so often happens with groups that form out of high-concept origins and intent.

Johnny Moog/Hawatha/Ty City/Prince William/Yeahdef (Rubber Gloves): Well, maybe you don't like hip-hop shows, and that's why you're going to avoid this. Or is it because whenever the local media covers hip-hop, they always start calling things "fresh" and "dope," even though they would never call St. Vincent "fresh" or "dope," and they come off looking like totally embarrassing, racially clumsy morons? If that's the case I don't blame you. But look, if you let that turn you off, I'm afraid you might be missing the best rapper in Dallas (Hawatha). I'm totally into the Dallas sound; I like the menacing repetition of the keyboard parts, and I think it's great that there is so much local rap on 97.9, The Beat. That is an anomaly like no other in Dallas and I think it's great even though being a blind local music supporter is something I detest. But all that aside, I think that Hawatha is a talent that's beyond being a hometown hero. I think he's much bigger than that.

Warren Jackson Hearne and the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers/Ted Hadji/Some Say Leland (Hailey's)


Sabre/Florene/TBA (Muscle Beach, 4PM): You probably don't want to see this show because Florene is so different from most groups playing houses in Denton this weekend. They're too instrumental, too ambient, too expansive or too "nuanced." Okay, maybe it's because that one dude in Florene used to wear a mask and that's too pretentious for you. You can accept Dylan painting his face before a performance, or John Lennon hanging urine-filled condoms in his house, but you're going to avoid this show because this kid likes to wear a mask. How boring are you?

Bleach Boys/Uptown Bums/Koji Kondo/Teenage Cool Kids/Angry Businessmen (715 Panhandle): People were always really annoyed at me for championing Angry Businessmen so much. I got shit for giving their cassette five stars, and I may be wrong about this, but I believe it was the only five star rating that WSJR has ever given. So that kind of makes the Angry Businessmen cassette as pivotal a moment in music reviews as when Source gave "Illmatic" "five mics." They are just one of those bands that are so completely realized that it's as if they fell out of the sky, with perfect lyrics, sound, artwork, everything. I'll admit that I'm generally a sucker for extremely skeletal, bass-drum-vocal bands, and I always enjoyed the clarity in the group's music; a clarity informed by surf, soul, and melody steering them away from total blast-beat territory, while imbuing them with a sense of humor and groove not often found in hardcore trios.

Koji Kondo was a little easier for people to swallow when they were around, as they were more traditional as far as their setup goes. They wrote unbelievably brief, stuttering, blasts of prog-punk where the technique of having the guitars, bass, vocals, and drums all simultaneously mimicking each other made the songs seem even more complex than they really were. Lead vocalist Tyler Tons is a vastly underrated talent as far as lyricists go, something that's easy to overlook when he is barreling through the first three rows of spectators.

It was also heavily speculated that I attacked a particular Good Records clerk when he allegedly gave the band an incorrect spiel on local music consignment policy, in order to generate sales and publicity for the band. Look, there's just no way I'm that diabolical, trust me. I'm not a damn genius, despite what your mom thinks.

Record Hop/The Great Tyrant/Hawk Vs. Dove (Lola's Sixth): Oh, you don't like Record Hop because you hate the 90's and you hate records made in actual studios. What a shitty little 21 year old you are. You can't stand the fact that they make CD's and not cassettes or limited edition colored vinyl released on obscure West Coast labels. That doesn't mean they're "not good" or "don't rock." Get over yourself.

The Great Tyrant presents a challenge for you, due to their lack of guitar. I understand. That makes you sound like Chuck Berry complaining about "modern jazz" like fifty fucking years ago. Time to grow up and evolve a little, okay? Oh, their songs are too long? I'm sorry. God forbid you have to listen or concentrate on something more complex than a ringtone or a gif. Daron Beck's voice is too "gothy?" Fine. Go listen to Deerhunter then, you fucking lightweight.

New Science Projects/Roy Robertson/Tiger Tooth and Paw/Clint Niosi (The Hydrant)

Fuck You Pay Me/One & One Is Three (Fallout Lounge)


Collick/Big Blow/Wiccans (818 Hickory St.): So you're too cool to go to this show because the dudes in Wiccans are in every other band, yeah it's annoying, duh. But maybe some of their more art punk and garage rock tendencies are put on hold, and this is straight hardcore. Maybe you can get behind that.

Chain and the Gang/Hive Dwellers (Calvin Johnson)/Shiny Around the Edges (Hailey's): Just because Ian Svenonius' philosophy is usually better than his music, that doesn't mean his music isn't generally pretty good, and that he's not a really great, unique performer. Veronica Ortuño from Finally Punk/The Carrots and Karl Blau having been involved in this project may make this seem like it's a way too hip street gang that formed in the Pacific Northwest, but I'm still sure that this show is very much worth your time. Especially if you consider that Calvin Johnson's Hive Dwellers are also playing, though Johnson is definitely a better pick up artist than he is a singer, I still love his voice.

TV On the Radio (House of Blues): I'm too tired and pressed for time to defensively preview TV On The Radio, but I will say that the best thing they've ever done is having one of their members produce that terrific album of Tom Waits covers by Scarlett Johansson.

Disqo Disco (Rembrandt's Dutch Pub in Victory Park)

Querencia Community Bike Shop Benefit Show (Dan's Silverleaf): Featuring Chris Flemmons, Slow Burners, Boxcar Bandits, Sarah Jaffe.

A Final Word on 715 Panhandle (By Daniel Zeigler and Payton Green)

DANIEL ZEIGLER (Teenage Cool Kids/Hoop Dreamz/Big Blow/715 Founding Resident):

Jesus. Three years of this shit? I had no idea that our little house would turn into what it is. I never expected more than 20 people to ever come to a show, and I NEVER thought it would evolve into one of the longer running, more consistent show houses in Denton. We started this just to have a place to have our friends play, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I guess we keep making more friends, haha.

The first show I realized that we were doing something really unique was the Daniel Striped Tiger show a couple of summers ago. It was the first time a band I REALLY liked played the house. I didn't know how it would turn out, but it ended up being extremely positive. Everyone there was pumped and DST said it was one of the best shows they'd played on tour. It was awesome.

Once we had the Meneguar/Nouns Group/TCK show, I sort of realized that this place was so much more than we had ever hoped. It still blows my mind that every show we have here is positive, the bands always have a good time, touring bands always get fed and paid, and nothing really bad has happened. It's such a positive place to have shows. I would love to play a place like this every night of tour.

I really hope the Denton DIY scene stays as strong as it has been for the last couple of years. It consistently surprises me how almost all the people that come to shows actually give a shit about the music, regardless of genre or band. The DIY community is growing so much that people are trying to bastardize it, commercialize off of it, but it seems that everyone in this scene has their heads in the right place and is really coming together to do something beautiful.

I'm really going to miss this place, but just like any other house that has had awesome shows in the past, something new will sprout up, and it will probably end up being even better than 715 was. The momentum all the bands in Denton has created is pretty incredible, and I have no doubt that something huge is going to come out of it. Every band in Denton that tours is doing extremely well. Bands are having much better shows here than in Austin, people are starting to notice.

To anyone that is thinking of starting a venue out of their house: Fucking do it! Sure it's occasionally hard, and sometimes it's a hassle, but the payoff is so rewarding. Helping this entity grow is like watching your kid grow up. From seeing 12 of my friends at a show, to seeing 100 people I don't know in my yard is such an amazing feeling. We need this, RGRS just doesn't cut it. We need another 715. We need another Secret Headquarters. Someone has to want to do this, but even more than that, someone HAS to do this. Let's go.

-Daniel Z

PAYTON GREEN (Wax Museums/Wiccans/Back Stabbath):

What do I say about a place where I’ve seen Human Eye, Sex/Vid, Thomas Function, Psychedelic Horseshit, Abe Vigoda, Lover!, Total Abuse, the Marked Men, Holy Shit!, Chronic Seizure and countless others? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say about a place that has very possibly been the most important locale of my adult life thus far. I guess I can start from the beginning.
When 715 Panhandle first started doing shows I was living at Xtreme Dudes Manor, and I remember being pretty excited that there was another house venue in town. I guess that was during the house show boom in 2006/2007 when there were a ton of places to play, so I probably took it more for granted than I should have. I definitely didn’t forsee the importance of the place.

I missed a lot of the early period so I unfortunately can’t offer a lot of commentary there, but the first show I actually made it out to I was very late for, and I missed most of it. I was there to catch Teenage Cool Kids for the first time and just barely made it. The set was I think Kyle’s first and one of Bill’s last. Andrew Savage has been one of my best friends for years and I’d known Daniel Zeigler for about the same amount of time but less well (at that point). They were as different a band from what they are now as the house is different from what it was then. This was back when shows were so small and tame that there was still furniture in the room and it didn’t get destroyed at all! It’s kind of crazy to think about now.

I definitely had a number of fun times there that summer. I didn’t actually play a show there until October of 2007. We (Wax Museums) had booked a series of shows for touring bands at J&J’s. The day of the first of these shows, the bands showed up to what was then my favorite place for shows in Denton, only to be told that there would be no more ‘loud’ or ‘punk’ shows allowed. We talked our way into having that show and moved the others to Secret Headquarters. That, as we all know, didn’t last too long. After having booked a fairly big show with three touring bands for late October we had NOWHERE to host it. I called Andrew and he talked it over with the guys and our asses were saved.

That show was, I think, the first completely out of control happening at the house. Wax Museums played to what was then our best hometown reception ever, followed by Party Garbage. People got pretty warmed up during their set. Then Chronic Seizure played and things went INSANE. A totally full room of people running around, chanting about and chugging on boxes of wine. It was the first time I’d seen anything like that in a house in Denton without any serious damage happening. Teenage Cool Kids played next and their set that night was the first time I’d ever seen a ton of people just totally eat it up. Kids singing along, crowd-surfing, the whole bit that’s the standard for their home-turf sets now. I remember standing at the back of the room and looking over at Josh from Thomas Function, one of the leading figures of the “BOX OF WINE!” sensation earlier in the night, and realizing their set was going to be a mess. They tried their hardest to play but Josh was definitely way too far gone to hold it together. At one point Jason from Wax Museums was so drunk that he requested a song they’d already played, and Josh was so drunk that he didn’t realized they’d already played it. It was still definitely one of my favorite disastrous sets of all time.

After that things just kept going strong. I’ve seen so many of my favorite shows of the last couple of years there. I crashed there for a couple of weeks when I had nowhere else to live. I’ve spent countless hours drinking beers and playing video games, or just sitting around and talking. There are very few things that I ever do in life that I haven’t done there at least once.
People can detract from the place while it exists and probably will continue to detract from the memory when it’s gone in a couple of weeks. The fact of the matter is that four of the most incredible guys I’ve ever known have consistenly given up their living space and peace of mind for years to let their friends and a lot of total strangers have the time of their lives. Maybe some people just don’t get it, and that’s fine. All I know is that myself and those who DO get it are going to have a very hard time leaving Saturday night with a dry eye.

Photo by Sally Glass

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It List: Thursday

Vega/Keith P/Females (The Lounge): Vega will have a special tour-only EP available tonight, and I would like to get my hands on it just to see if I agree with the Pitchfork review that discussed the track, "No Reasons" as the "season's first real attempt at beach-party boogie." Well, a couple things: 1. Last time I checked, there was no beach in Austin. 2. Why do music reviewers treat dance music in seasonal terms, like this song is the audio equivalent of Banana Republic's summer line? This track could have had its origins in dead-of-winter central Texas, give me a break with this shit.

Anyways, I'm glad to see current Vega and ex-Ghosthustler front-man Alan Palomo continuing to do good work in the face of a disappointment that would have probably ruined similarly young, yet less determined artists. I especially enjoyed seeing Alan perform live and haven't yet had the opportunity with his current group. Hopefully I will tonight. Also performing is Females and Keith P, who may be the best dressed man in Dallas. That reminds me of a classic SR joke where he introduced a local musician with, "Ladies and gentlemen, the worst dressed man at SXSW." As much you think I'm a jerk, I'm going to spare this poor guy.

Amos Lee/Dana Falconberry (The Granada): Dana Falconberry put on a wonderful performance at the Dust Congress house back in March, and it was good to see that a small lineup change didn't hurt her knack for putting on a nearly flawless show.

Delmore Pilcrow/The O's/Sabra Laval (J & J's Pizza):

Sober/Johnny Moog/Prince William (The Cavern):

Art List


Decadence + Perception: Everything is Not What it Seems (Kettle Art) 7-10 pm

Jerry E. Smith, Esther Ritz, and Sergio A. Delgado (Haley-Henman)7-10pm

Jeff Wheeler: Actual Scenes-Genuine Characters (Mighty Fine Arts) 6-9 pm

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Left of The Dial With DJ G (Rubber Gloves)

Boz Scaggs (Bass Performance Hall) Didn't realize Boz Scaggs had Dallas (and more specifically, Plano!) roots until today. That's actually not surprising at all considering that Scaggs' work embodies everything sleazy and bluesy about 70's rock radio. Dallas is a proven training ground for such illicit bro blues activity. I had a hard time finding the most embarrassing album cover of his, but I'm pretty sure I nailed it. I mean, check that shit out. Here's a close runner up.

Kevin Devine/Sarah Jaffe/Miniature Tigers/Brian Bonz (The Loft)

Phat Camp This Weekend

As we mentioned earlier in the week, this Saturday's show at 715 Panhandle, which will be a part of the Denton DIY community's second annual Phat Camp weekend, will be the final event at the widely respected house venue, and whether you've been there dozens of times or never in your life, we highly recommend joining in the festivities and bidding farewell to a wonderful place.  

Over the past couple of years, 715 Panhandle has truly been one of the best places to see a show in the metro area, with its rare combination of typically stellar booking, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, all ages admission, and free or extremely inexpensive covers (not to mention BYOB, of course).  This set of characteristics not only led to Panhandle hosting well regarded touring acts such as Blues Control, Kimya Dawson, Woods, Meneguar, Sex Vid, Total Abuse, Thomas Function, Psychedelic Horseshit, and others, but it also created the kind of environment where anyone in Denton could go to see stellar local acts such as Koji Kondo, Marked Men, Angry Businessmen, Wax Museums, Bad Sports, Teenage Cool Kids and more (a couple of whom will be reuniting for Saturday's show) in a welcoming environment that seemed to be relatively free of pretension, hardcore orthodoxy and negativity on almost any level.

Hopefully we'll have a little more on Panhandle for you later this week, but for now we thought we'd share the Phat Camp schedule with you and encourage you to check out 715 Panhandle one last time.  The place truly embodied the spirit of DIY done right :


4PM PRE PARADE KEG PARTY @ 715 Panhandle

7PM- PHAT CAMP OPENING PARADE, starts at 715 Panhandle, ends at Bunker Hill

9PM- BUNKER HILL DANCE PARTY (ft. DJ SCHWA, Fergus & Geronimo)


8AM- YARD SALE @ 715 Panhandle


+ more TBA

9PM- 715 Panhandle LAST SHOW! w/
Green Day Dookie
Bleach Boys
Uptown Bums
Koji Kondo (reunion)
Angry Businessmen (reunion)
Teenage Cool Kids



5PM- CHILLI COOKOFF @ 1827 Scripture

9PM- 818 Hickory St. Show
Green Day "Dookie" Cover band
Big Blow
MOVIE AFTERWARD "Heavyweights" (1994)