Friday, October 30, 2009



Dear Human/Babar/Kamfgrounds (Bee's Fifth Collective located at 306 Texas St. in Denton): You think there would be only one band called "Babar" on Myspace...

Digital Leather/Thomas Function/Yussuf Jerusalem/Leg Sweeper (The Lounge): Digital Leather has softened their sound quite a bit, and it's definitely not what you could honestly describe as synth-punk at this point, but will still appeal to most people who buy records on Goner, who honestly put out some of the coolest records I can play for my parents. I liked the impossibly catchy Thomas Function when I saw them at 715 a while back, though I was criticized for missing part of the set to play basketball by someone in the comments section. Look, mind your own business when you see daddy working.

The Pogues/Justin Townes Earle (House Of Blues): Obviously a big show, especially to those on the grayer end of the demographic spectrum. Their cover of "Dirty Old Town" is a heart-breaker.

Ourselves/Melting Season/Sunnybrook (J&J's Pizza): So many side-projects and renamed old projects make describing this event rather confusing, but here's the summary: There is a Mom EP from 2005 that Gutterth Records is re-releasing, but the same EP is now called "Ourselves" instead of Mom. This limited edition disc has a 100 copy run, and that's it.

Day Bow Wow Presents a Benefit For The Denton Community Food Center: Bleach Boys/Parata/The Virgin Wolves/Western Giants and more (The Schoolhouse located at 914 Bolivar St in Denton)

The Percolator with A-1 and Select (Zubar)

Black Friday with Keith P (Fallout Lounge)

N'Dambi (Clarence Muse Cafe Theater)

Butthole Surfers/Peaches/Men (Granada):
One of the rare instances where I think the performers' behavior could collectively be as bad or worse as what will surely be an excited audience that is absolutely anxious to willfully lose control. That's not a knock at all, as I'm sure this will be something to see as well as hear, and you have to respect the fact that probably the only people on stage under the age of 40 will be the members of Men, an Brooklyn-based art/performance collective that features JD Samson of Le Tigre. Wish I had known that they were on the bill yesterday, as that certainly would have been worth mentioning in the giveaway description.

Bloodfest with Tolar/Kill The Client/Embolization/Uptown Bums/Powertrip/Negaduck/The Scandals/Life Erased/Unit 21 (Phoenix Project)


Baring Teeth/Great Tyrant/Silk Stocking/Lychgate (Chat Room Pub):
Baring Teeth features Andrew Hawkins from the now defunct, Man Is Mostly Water, and the technical aspects of their tracks reach bizarre levels of virtuosity. The group is at its best when it locks into a hypnotically repetitive clip and I especially liked the instrumental Youtube video on their page. Lychgate has just returned from what was, by scattered accounts, a successful US tour, and as such will most likely be demonstrating even more of their newly found dynamic prowess that is heightened even more after having been on the road. All in all, an appropriately dark lineup, but remember just because something is "noisy," doesn't necessarily mean it's "scary," amateur hour.

SAS/Broken Teeth/Sound Clash Present: Select/Schwa/Vice Versa (Zubar): Note: corrected lineup.

Ishi/Wild In The Streets (Double Wide)

BC Tha Dinosaur/Big Fiction/Sans Soleil (Rubber Gloves): Big Fiction's online recordings don't do justice to their live set; a ferocious mixture of Duane Denison pulloff heroics which eventually gives way to a more traditional yet raging hardcore sound.

Ghostland Observatory (Palladium)

Bitches, Blunts, and Ballin'/Matthew And The Arrogant Sea/Yeah Def/DJ B/Lil Foot (Hailey's)

Kurt Vile And The Violators/The Aquaholics/Giggle Party (The Lounge)

Neon Indian/White Denim (Granada): Has anyone heard this band? I wonder if you can fill me in. I noticed they are playing a free show, so maybe it's hard to get people to come see them? What's going on here, exactly? Can't find many details online. Hmm. Maybe I should do a Tweet search. I know who White Denim is, they're a pretty hip act from Austin, but what is this group? Is it a DJ? I think I heard some people getting mad that other people liked them or something, that's weird. Isn't it a good thing when people like something? Oh, it's not? Ok so the live band consists of, let's see, where's the local angle? There's a guy from Ghosthustler, someone from The Gazelles, everyone from Vega, the girl from Fight Bite and Christian! Teenage Runaway. Pretty local, sounds good. As you guys know, I love local music. Oh, wait, C!TR?! That was the band that couldn't play their instruments right? Isn't that what the internet said? Shit. And hold on, wasn't Vega not as good as Ghosthustler or something, because Ghosthustler was like truly from Denton, but Vega moved to Austin, and that's like, hipster shit and we can't really claim it up here anymore, right? But when something is local, isn't it like, ALWAYS kind of local FOREVER, just a little bit? Like when you love someone, aren't they always, you know, kind of yours forever, in a little bitty tiny way? No? It doesn't work like that? Not even with St. Vincent? Not even with Neon Indian? Shit. Guess I had better RSVP to this show. I thought if you had a Denton driver's license, you could walk right in. Bye, Neon Indian. Don't forget to write.


Vega (DJ set)/Jason Faries/Mountblood/Hoyotoho (Neon Indian after party - Click here for info)


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