Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It List: Wednesday

Vexed UK/Dear Human/Lars Larsen/Blixaboy/DJ Electrodad (Rubber Gloves): Vexed UK is the collaborative project featuring Gutterth Records kingpin Michael Briggs, along with the gifted experimental vocalist, Sarah Alexander. There will be a hard copy version of the debut release, Mediation Music, available at the show, but the most remarkable aspect of the release is that you can actually stream the tracks online simultaneously, which enables the listener to manipulate the music as they see fit. The music is open-ended waves of crackling disturbances and distortion that become less subtle as the record moves along, with vocals that are hardly identifiable as coming from a human being sometimes, and I mean that as a compliment. I can think of a lot of records I wish I could manipulate, and many of them are on Gutterth, however this is easily the label's best release thus far. It's a free show with a well-rounded lineup and should be a pretty good time.

Mattthew Gray Delves Into The Humanity Pools/DJ Teamwork (The Cavern)

Guy Clark/Elizabeth Cook (Granada): I always found the celebratory Guy Clark song regarding Texas cuisine, "Texas Cookin'," to have an almost creepy arrangement, though it's an almost perfect example of upbeat 70's country, complete with a throbbing back-beat that wouldn't be out-of-place in most disco tracks from the same era.

Jookabox/Fizzy Dino Pop/Monastery (Hailey's): Asthmatic Kitty act Jookabox hails from Indianapolis and they have some sonic similarities with both Why? and Danielson Famile, if you can imagine, but maybe you shouldn't.


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