Sunday, November 01, 2009

Monday It List Plus Shows Of Note

Whoa, it took me the majority of today to get situated, sorry about that. Hey, what's up with this Olivia Newton John version of "If Not For You" smoking the Dylan original and the cover by Harrison? Craziness. Anyways, I was really pleased that I found this 45 at Recycled recently. Also, this is much better than a lot of similar sounding yet modern, lightweight indie pop. Listen for the great solo that is way too high in the mix around the 1:37 mark. Olivia's terrible gyrations along to said solo make it all the better.

Pelican/Black Cobra/Struck by Lightning (The Granada): You have to be careful with groups like Pelican and Black Cobra. Sometimes it can sound impressively epic, but on weaker moments can come off like Creed played at the wrong tape-speed. Pelican seems to avoid such dubious territory, but occasionally I'll be caught off-guard by the lame riffs of a similar band.

Kristy Kruger/Robert Gomez/Salim Nourallah/The Beaten Sea (Opening Bell Coffee)

AC/DC (American Airlines Center): 20,000 seats at 90 dollars apiece makes for a mindbogglingly large number.

Bad Ass Jazz (The Amsterdam)

Cool Out (The Cavern)

Pete Freedman (The Libertine): Watch out, Cool Out. Serious competition across the street tonight.


TUE: Nurses (Good Records)
WED: Sleep Whale/Power Animal (Jupiter House)
WED: Benefit Show for Brain Tumor Society Walk featuring music by John Pedigo of The O's, Tim O'Brien Of The Dogkickers and Laura Harrell of Romp Almighty plus Silent Auction (The Libertine)
WED: In Defence/Ramming Speed/Dark Forces/Collick (Lion's Den located at 622 N. Austin St. in Denton)
WED: Alela Diane/Marissa Nadler/Bosque Brown (The Modern Fort Worth)
THU: Half-Handed Cloud/Little Birds/Younger Sons (Dan's Silverleaf)
THU: Russian Circles/Red Sparowes/Young Widows/Coliseum (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Melt Banana/Kaboom/Ssion (Hailey's)
FRI: Underground Railroad To Candyland/Genius Party/Collick/Hats And Statues (1919 Hemphill)
FRI: The Great Tyrant/Embers/Vorvadoss (Lola's)
FRI: Destroyer/Sarah Jaffe/RTB2 (Granada)
FRI: The Lovemakers/DJ Sober/They Were Stars (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Royal Bangs/Beauxregard/Land Mammals (The Cavern)
FRI: Christ On Parade/Seraphim/Reviver/Division Of Power/Raging Boner/Life Erased (Phoenix Project)
FRI: Nick Catchdubs/The Party with Nature/Select/Sober (The Loft)
FRI: Health/Times New Viking/Teenage Cool Kids/The Axemen (The Lounge)
FRI: Dallas Videofest Screening:R.E.M.: This Is Not A Show (Angelika Film Center at Mockingbird Station)
SAT: Many Arms/Schnaack/Great Tyrant/Orange Coax (Phoenix Project)
SAT: Away From The Numbers with Telegram Sam & DJ Gabriel (Fallout Lounge)
SAT: The Crash That Took Me/Gaffney/True Widow/Stereo Is A Lie (Sons of Hermann Hall)
SAT: Atlas Sound/Broadcast/Selmanaires (Hailey's)
SUN: GWAR/Job For A Cowboy/The Red Chord (The Door)
SUN: Ssion/Ishi/Fizzy Dino Pop (The Cavern)
SUN: Snoop Dogg/Method Man/Red Man (House Of Blues)
SUN: Dallas Videofest Screening: Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth featuring rare footage of 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Archies, Bay City Rollers and more (Angelika Film Center at Mockingbird Station)


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