Thursday, May 13, 2010

It List: Thursday

Dire Wolf/Damages/High Anxieties/Decades/Humanerror (1919 Hemphill)

Jacuzzi Boys
/Fergus And Geronimo/Fungi Girls (The Cavern):
Can someone send me a rough copy of the Fergus And Geronimo full-length that I've heard has been completed? I really want to hear it. I promise not to play it for anyone, and I won't upload it to some elite message board, honest.

The first time I heard the Jacuzzi Boys, I dismissed them as yet another melodic garage rock band, but the more I've heard them the more I realize they have a certain amount of 60's psych influence, like some forgotten track off of a Collectables Records comp, and they're better than I thought.

Throw in the Fungi Girls, and you have a pretty solid lineup, featuring two of the best local groups I know of writing catchy, memorable rock music, minus all the "ists" and the "isms," as a great man once said.

Naxat/Diamond Age (Tradewinds): Cool lineup with the daringly complex Naxat, as well as the much more mood-based, Diamond Age, who are no less interesting, even with far fewer notes. Of course, anyone playing with Naxat is playing far fewer notes.


Don't Look In The Basement featuring "Santa Sangre" and "The Brood" (J&J's Pizza):
Event is free and starts at 8 pm.


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