Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday Morning Rock

TUE: Saviours/Blood of the Sun/The Roller/True Widow (Rubber Gloves)
WED: Saviours/Blood of the Sun/The Roller/True Widow (Double Wide)
WED: Daniel Francis Doyle/Darktown Strutters (Pastime Tavern)
FRI: Florene/Missions/Love Life/DJ G (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Cro Mags/Municipal Waste/Rat King/Power Trip (Prophet Bar)
SAT: The Black Dotz/Broncho/Bipolar Express (Double Wide)
SAT: Midlake (Hailey's)
SAT: Silent Way/A Smile Full of Ale/Serious Business/Stoned Men (1919 Hemphill)
SAT: Sugar & Gold/Dust Congress/Daniel Folmer (Dan's)
SAT: Mat Tolfrey (Cavern)
SAT: Friendo/Nervous Curtains/George Quartz (Lounge)
SUN: Foe Destroyer/Sarah Renfroe/Eaton Lake Tonics (Hailey's)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Minute Show Alert: Kobuku Senju At Phoenix Project

Koboku Senju/The Watchers (Phoenix Project): The video above features a performance and interview with Koboku Senju's Toshimaru Nakamura. Show starts at 8 pm.

Friday, May 28, 2010



Psychedelic Horseshit | Twin Stumps | White Drugs (Rubber Gloves)

Dentstep (Hailey's)

Brutal Juice | Baboon | Record Hop (Dan's Silverleaf)

So I'll admit this glory days lineup, sans Record Hop, is all a little before my time as a NTX music nut. School me.

Devin the Dude (Granada)

Yesterday's Gold III w/ Tommyboy and DJG (Tradewinds)

This is the last chance to catch this very unique night of super chill, 70s/80s good time Charlie music. The perfect choice for those needing to relax the fuck out after a tough week at the office. This also might be the last time you see any unique offering that we have seen Tradewinds put on the past couple months. In fact I know you will not. We will have more information about this situation next week. The PVC Street Gang show Saturday has been canceled.

Top Notch wish Sober/Dayta/El Roy Boogie/Empanadamn (Zubar): This is Sober's Birthday show, and I should remind you that Top Notch is now a monthly, not a weekly. Sober will apparently have a very special guest next month, which he will be announcing tonight. Happy Birthday, Sober.


Missile/White Mountain/Soft Environmental Collapse (Doublewide)

X | The A-Frames | Video (Rubber Gloves)

IS punk dead?

Curvette | Goldilocks and The Rock | Quiet Company | | Holy Fiction (Haileys)

Jeff the Brotherhood
| Heavy Cream | Stoned Men (Dan's)

Sundress | WRITER | Daniel Folmer | Caleb Ian Campbell (Kessler)

Oh shit watch out Dallas, Denton seems to have had a massive folk spill and there are plumes appearing in your classy performance spaces. Our buddies over at Day Bowzer did a review of the new Sundress this week which you can read by manually entering the url yourself. Well I think I am going to sink my teeth into this one as well so you should have something to look forward to next week. And shhhh don't tell him I told you, but SR is working on something as well.

I have seen Matthew Gray's Writer project a couple of times along with giving the I Took Drugs Instead... EP a couple of spins and enjoyed both experiences. You might recall some of the things I bitched about with the Jaffe record - stale music, self indulgent lyrics, lack of character - well I think Writer covers some of the same territory but does it right. The work is much less stoned out freak folk and delves into darker singer-songwriter territory. I find it interesting and much more focused than his work with Matthew and the Arrogant Sea.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Howard Huges Night At The Texas Theatre: Hell's Angels (1930)/The Aviator /Also Featuring DJ Wild In The Streets/Live T-Shirt Screening by Pan Ector (Texas Theatre located at 231 West Jefferson Blvd in Oak Cliff): First off, I had no idea that Howard Hughes once owned the Texas Theater, but apparently that's the case according to J. Reimer, one of the people running things down at the Theater these days. Of course most of us know the rest of the details of the Theater's place in history (the above picture is of Oswald being taken out of the Texas Theater on the day of his arrest), and it seems Reimer and company are about to start trying to do a lot to revitalize the place, so keep your eye on what's happening down there over the next few months. Don't have word on exactly when this starts, but I'm hoping someone in the know can fill us in via the comments section (EDIT: STARTS AROUND 630).

Legsweeper/Eaton Lake Tonics/Dear Human/Kaboom (Dan's Silverleaf)

I Love You/True Widow/Sans Soleil/Shiny Around The Edges/Fur (DJ) (Majestic Dwelling Of Doom): Another solid show at Majestic Dwelling of Doom. I had a whole thing I was going to write about True Widow, but I have to get back to work now, so next time.... next time.

Dead Medium Tapes Presents Endless Humiliation/Ascites/Mindhunter/Filth (The Processean located at 3324 Hazeline Road In Fort Worth)

Helloooooo Presents DJ Politik (Teddy's Room located at 2404 Cedar Springs, suite 400, in Dallas)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It List: Wednesday

We Love Denton with Record Hop/Kaleo Kaualoku/Shiny Around The Edges/Doug Burr/Manned Missiles/Dear Human (The Schoolhouse): Attention! Please be advised that by your entry upon these premises, you are consenting to being photographed, and having your likeness used in a motion picture. Click on that link, and you'll see just how far most music scenes have come as far as politeness goes, and that's a damn shame. Anyways, this is being taped for a documentary about rock music and the theme for the show is all about how each of these acts is a diverse facet that collectively make up the Denton scene. Which is true, it is diverse, and I like some of the acts. But it got me to thinking, do we still love Denton? We have always been accused of being subversively pro-Denton purists, but would people still say that today? Who really loves Denton and how much? Did you break up with Denton and move to Oak Cliff? Or worse, did you DIVORCE Denton and move to New York or San Francisco or Chicago? Or even worse, Austin?! I like Denton. I always have. But I don't know if I love Denton as much as I used to. There used to be crazy shows every weekend with tons of crazy acts. And lately, it's just been a What the hell is going on there lately? I like Majestic Dwelling Of Doom, I like some of the booking at Rubber Gloves lately and it's always the best case scenario for a touring band; there are occasional good shows at other places and houses, but there's something just kind of "blah" about it lately. Come on, Denton. Kick all of these lame-o's out of the scene and fuck shit up. And if we're those lame-o's, so be it. I'm getting old and I'm tired of fighting anyways. Maybe it's going around.

The Spits/No Bunny/Uptown Bums/Leg Sweeper (The Lounge): You have to love The Spits. They're one of those bands that have an attitude so irreverent that they transcend willful limitations of the one or two genres from which they mainly mine. Such a narrow vision often comes off as silly from most acts, but there is something intangible about them, their brief spiky songs, and ridiculous getup. Perhaps it's because I associate them with cool dumpster diver kids that, like, "don't care," and actually dance at shows and cuss out the door guy when it's 21 and up (Not his fault LOL). You know, people that own vinyl and not 400,000 terabytes of music they'll never listen to. Whatever. No Bunny is a big deal too.

Eyes, Wings, And Many Other Things/Clint Niosi/The Migrant (Lola's)

Hoyotoho/Yeah Def/Wishfm (Ghost Bar): Is this a new weekly? Can somebody please keep me in the Ghost Bar loop? Shit. Is there a site that shows everywhere Dustin Hollywood will be taking pics? I'm so confused lately.

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto/Unit 21/Neverskade/Rotundus/La Urss (1919 Hemphill): Hey, 1919 has a new website and it's awesome.

And here's a video that Quick's excellent "Deadbeat" feature did for Fungi Girls, while I'm thinking about it. There's a lot of amateur interview/performance video out from various local publications lately, and this is by far the least annoying, unpretentious, and actually enjoyable:

Art List

THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010

Trigger Happy
Cathey Miller
The Magnolia Gallery
3699 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

Art God: An American Myth
Ricardo Paniagua
Tractorbeam Gallery
325 Cesar Chavez, Dallas, TX 75201
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010

A Needle Pulling Thread
bows and arrows
1925 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Summer Selections 2.0
HCG Gallery
1130 Dragon St, Suite 190, Dallas, TX 75207
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It List: Tuesday

90's Night "Pizza Power"(Hailey's)

DJ Yeadeaf will be offering free pizza to the poor and drunken tonight along with serving up his selections from the 90's. Could it be that 90's Night is starting to feel the heat from upstarts Singles Going Steady just down the street at Rubber Gloves?

Singles Going Steady (Rubber Gloves)

Chris P and DJ Matchmaker (what happened to DJ Tanner?) lace the gloves up tonight as they go head to head with Hailey's 90's night and their free pizza. Will the new kids on the block come out on top or will the veterans emerge the victor with their prestige and melted cheese? All I know is that this is a big night for both teams. The kids are out of school and they are ready to party ironically 90's style.

Rangers in Wire

WSJR's good friend and sometimes colleague Joe Knight, aka Rangers, is the subject of a feature story in this month's edition of Wire magazine, in which he discusses some of the insiprations behind his music. Check out a PDF of the article here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

It List: Monday

Of Montreal | Noot D'Noot (Granada)

Of Montreal are one of those bands that seem to get on people's nerves quite easily, especially upon first listen or seeing their wardrobe. To a certain extent I can understand. Their music can be overly cute, quirky and without a doubt high energy. If you can put these fears aside and take a look at their career you will find a discography that has maintained a level of quality rarely found in modern pop, especially with a band as eccentric as Of Montreal. Of Montreal are one of the few bands that take an actively surrealist approach to their music, much in the same way so many great 60's and 70's psychedelic pop acts did. While they surely wear their influences on their sleeve, through variety and fearlessness (who names their album The Gay Parade?) Of Montreal have carved their own, if not ever changing style. This was unfortunately not the case for many of their Elephant 6 counterparts who quickly bit the dust or became irrelevant.

Still they are not for everyone. If you don't think humor belongs in music or you can't appreciate a good Georges Bataille reference I could understand why you might not dig. If for some reason you do enjoy things like, say...The Beatles, and have not checked out Of Montreal's work I suggest you start with Cherry Peel and work your way up. Even if you have heard their music and think it is totally lame, Of Montreal are one of the few acts that put some effort into making their live show a unique and worth while experience. I really miss the days of seeing these guys at Rubber Gloves but it is awesome to see what they are able to with that Outback money.

"...but Frank! They sold out their art for the sake of superficial consumerism?!?!?"

I don't fault Of Montreal, or any artist for that matter, for licensing out their music for commercials. It's a great way to make some easy money and I'll admit I quite enjoyed hearing things like Cold Cave in a Radio Shack commercial. While Outback steakhouse is not the first restaurant I would hope to associate with Of Montreal, at least it's better than The Olive Garden. As for the commercial, the music was in the background and I didn't feel offended the "art" in anyway. Did it help their career other than monetarily? While I would like to imagine that some bloomin' onion fans found that song catchy and went on to explore Of Montreal's work, I doubt that's the case. No harm no foul. Now the problem I, as music consumer and critic, do have with corporate entanglement is when the relationship megres into endorsement territory. I know that your visage might sell a few more of those soda cans, which has it's worth, but is it really worth it?

Monday Morning Rock

MON: Of Montreal (Granada)
WED: Kyklooppien Sukupuutto/Unit 21/Neverskade/Rotundus/La Urss (1919 Hemphill)
WED: The Spits/No Bunny/Uptown Bums/Leg Sweeper (Lounge)
WED: Eyes. Wings & Many Other Things/The Migrant/Clint Nosi (Lola's)
THR: Spanish Gamble/Over Stars and Gutters/No Heroes/Genius Party (1919 Hemphill)
THR: True Widow/I Love You/Shiny around the Edges/Sans Soleil (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)
FRI: Psychedelic Horseshit/Twin Stumps/White Drugs (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Devin the Dude (Granada)
SAT: X/The A-Frames/Video (Rubber Gloves)
SAT: Goldilocks and The Rock/Quiet Company/Curvette/Holy Fiction (Haileys)
SAT: Jeff the Brotherhood/Heavy Cream/Stoned Men (Dan's)
SAT: Sundress/WRITER/Daniel Folmer/Caleb Ian Campbell (Kessler)
SAT: PVC Street Gang/Tiger Thrust (Tradewinds)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sarah Jaffe - Suburban Nature (Weekender Is Below)

There seems to be a sense around town that Sarah Jaffe's latest release Suburban Nature just might be the thing to send her beyond the DFW scene. Following in the footsteps of Norah Jones and St. Vincent, two artists who I think anyone could confidently say have "made it." After spending some time with Nature, I have some reservations about Jaffe being the chosen one to close the commercial trifecta some are hoping for.

My critique of this album is almost purely based on the merits of it's songwriting. The music is all very boring, predictable and very polished. This isn't great, but it doesn't have to be a deal-breaker for me, especially when it comes from an artist whose centerpiece is the lyrical content. I am a big believer in the idea of the songwriter being our modern day poets. While this is hard to say in public without coming off as overly pretentious, the security of the blog-o-sphere offers me the freedom to say so. Of course there are the great songwriters that are known world over, but I also believe that nearly every town, especially those with colleges in them, potentially breed singer/songwriters of great worth that don't see the light of day outside the city limits. I am sure that your impatient ass already looked down to see the rating and know that I do not hold Jaffe in this category.

My overarching argument would have to be that the album is damn boring. There is no point on this recording where Jaffe does anything that makes her stand out from the previously mentioned troubadours playing coffee shops across America. If the album's production wasn't so pristine, maybe the music wouldn't sound so distant. Having some grime around edges can help us believe you aren't just a contempo-folk bot. The illusion of intimacy can be pretty easily attained. Instead, every song sounds like it was written for one of those mix CDs that you buy along side a double latte at Starbucks.

Each song on Suburban Nature is a mini-ode to heartache with Jaffe (or her characters) as the protagonist. Music of this nature lends itself to an intimate relationship with the listener. I have to say that I'm not too comfortable in the part that Jaffe wants me to play. You know those friends that are ALWAYS getting fucked over by their significant others; always ready to play the part of the lovelorn ingenue done wrong by some beautiful apparition? I know that when your heart is broken, it is hard to see past the immediacy of those feelings, but must you always be the protagonist? Ms. Jaffe, were you never the one to fuck up? She is asking the listener to be a sympathetic friend to unload her problems on, but I felt more like the jilted ex-lover wishing she would stop complaining and accept the finality of our failed romance.

There are parts of the album that I did enjoy. "Vulnerable" works, because she tries to tell a story and doesn't rely on abstract "woe is me" songwriting. "Summer Begs" is another highlight where Jaffe does show that she can at least begin to paint a scene. This is achieved by giving us the details and nuance of a love gone wrong. Instead of just myopic self-reference, we get some semblance of characters the listener might care about.

As I said before, I have been known to be won over by singer/songwriters that share similarities with Jaffe. The first thing that pops into my mind is an artist with local ties: Ladel. The two artists share many similarities as gloomy female singer/songwriters. Ladel's songwriting, while a bit more dramatic than Jaffe's, still has an earnest quality to it that the songs on Suburban are missing, that being wit or self-reflection. Always the martyr in the ways of the heart, Jaffe's musings might be comforting to those who always find themselves on the sharp end of the blade, but for the rest of us bloodied-hand individuals, there isn't much to relate to.

This might work as a cathartic experience, much in the way it does with Mark Kozelek's work, but I had trouble sympathizing with Jaffe. The songs never do anything beyond the "boo-hoo my heart is broken" schtick. Of course there are other more recognizable artists (Julie Doiron, Cat Power, Shannon Wright, Mirah) that I found myself longing to listen to while trudging through this album.

Is it unfair for me to assume that this is the market that Jaffe is attempting to break through to here? I think that anyone who has followed her the past couple years (which, if you follow the local music scene, it would have been hard not to) can see that it would be a fair assumption that she has those particular stars in her eyes. I wish that more acts in the area had the dedication and career-minded focus that Jaffe has, and you can't say it hasn't worked for her. I just have a hard time believing that this is going to the album to take her from selling out coffee shops to the Granada theaters of Anywhere, USA.

1 1/2 of 5


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of Montreal Tix Giveaway

It's that time again! Thanks to the lovely folks over at the Granada Theater, we have one pair of tickets to see Of Montreal Monday, May 24th and will bestow them upon two random luckies that email us at by 3PM the day of the show. Break a leg...

It List: Thursday

Dim Locator (Tradewinds)

Gates Of Slumber/Maleveller/Mammoth Grinder (Double Wide)

Besnard Lakes/Woven Bones/Binary Sunrise (Granada)

New Fumes/Regina Chellew/Diamond Age (Kessler Theater)

Cross Pollination featuring Big Rig Dance Collective/Fight Boy Theater/Alex Benavidez/Martin Iles/Julie Mckendrick/Neeks/Ashley Cromeens/Jose Zamora/Shiny Around The Edges/P&G Sound Collective/George Quartz/DJ Sir Anthony (Dan's Silver Leaf): Featuring various artistic disciplines including dance, film, and song as well as a staggering lineup of talent, this looks like one of the more daringly booked shows I've seen featuring local artists in quite a while. Curated by Sarah Alexander and Sarah Gamblin.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

not new music

The Rolling Stones - Hofheinz Pavillion, Houston, 25 June 1972 (2nd Show)

Apologies for the half assed attempt to have SOME content today. I was going to post this one yesterday but never got around to it. Surprise.

There has been much hub-bub this week about the Stones releasing the remastered version of Exile on Main St, which I have yet to hear. I'm usually not terribly interested in studio outtakes and the few snippets of the previously unreleased bonus tracks that were played on the Hardline yesterday did not impress me too much. They did play an alternate version of "Loving Cup" that left me wanting a little more. I'm also not really sure how remastering this record can really improve the listening experience, but I suppose I'll reserve judgment until I actually hear it. Can's Tago Mago had kicked my ass for years and I was speechless when I heard how great the 2004 remaster sounded.

The Stones' 1972 tour is rock and roll legend and hardly needs to be discussed here. Harold Colson has a great site about the Stones Touring Party that can fill in more than enough details for those that are curious.

This show was really my second choice to share, but the copy of the previous day's performance at Tarrant County Convention Center that I have is pretty shitty in the way of fidelity. This one sounds pretty nice for what I believe is an audience recording; Charlie's drums come through well and Nicky Hopkins' piano isn't buried. The Texas stops were during the middle of the tour and the band was really in full swing by this point- Mick and Keith were sharing the microphone, Mick Taylor was killing on all of his leads, and Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman were relentlessly bringing up the rear. This was the only show of the tour that Stevie Wonder didn't open, so there is no "Uptight/Satisfaction" medley.

The Fort Worth and Houston shows were also recorded to video for the concert film "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones," which was released theatrically in 1974. There has never been an official home video or dvd release of this film, but bootleg copies have circulated since the 80s. I'm working on scoring the video in some sort of computer file form if anyone is interested- I have the dvd but can't get it on my computer. After watching it about 100 times I can say that it is hands down the best concert film that I've ever seen and I hope that it sees the light of day some time.

No List Today

You may have noticed there is no list today. Or maybe you didn't. Either way, I was trying to go to the FOE and I completely forgot about it. My apologies. I am also taking this opportunity to let my fellow contributors know that I will do the Thursday It List.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Got some bueno schwag for you in the next couple days kicking off with a sweet NNMT a little later in the evening. For now...

Sarah Jaffe | Seryn (Dan's)

Wow. Ten dollar cover for the local release of your latest album? More power to you.

Singles Going Steady (Rubber Gloves)

The life span of a Rubber Gloves in house DJ has to be one of the shortest around. We will see if newcomers DJ Tanner & DJ Matchmaker can break the curse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It List: Monday

Tonight is the three year anniversary of Cool Out At The Cavern, which is actually quite hard to believe. This has always been a unifying event, where even the most anti-DJ, anti-dance night people wind up getting tipsy together with the usual club friendly crowd, and end up being in some unfortunate party pic that we all regret. If you've been too many times, or you've never been, it seems like tonight is a better night than ever to experience this upbeat and laid back Dallas staple. And this is coming from a guy that hates "upbeat" and "laid back."

Monday Morning Rock

TUE: Sarah Jaffe/Seryn (Dan's)
WED: Fang Island/Hollerado/Zlam Dunk (Rubber Gloves)
THR: The Gates of Slumber/Maleveller/Mammoth Grinder (Double Wide)
FRI: CCR Headcleaner/End of a Year/Dark Forces/Kampfgrounds (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)
SAT: On After Dark/Bad Design/Cocky Americans (Hailey's)
SAT: Tribute To Vic Chesnutt/Will Johnson/Brent Best (Dan's)
SAT: Converge, Coalesce/Gaza/Black Breath (Trees)
SUN: Everybody Was In The French Resistance... Now/Darktown Strutters (Hailey's)

Friday, May 14, 2010


Musings by DL...


Man Factory | Young and Brave | Slider Pines | Kaleo K (Rubber Gloves)

Night Shift with Big J | Genova (The Cavern): This new weekly is hosted by famed Dallas socialite and model Melissa Humphries.

The Beets | When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth | Black Dotz (Lounge)

Republic Of Texas (Continental Gin Building located at 3309 Elm Street)

The Beaten Sea | Fox And The Bird | Dust Congress (Double Wide)


Harlem | Flight | PVC St Gang (City Tavern)

Rovar 17 | Lychgate | Habeeb | Abuse Tactics | Macho Blush | Guilt Trip | Female Demand (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)

Museum Creatures | Moira Scar | Vulgar Fashion (The Amsterdam): This seems like an unlikely venue for this show, however, when we hosted a show here a couple of years ago, it was a really great setting and a favorite experience of being involved with the site.

This "all duo" lineup features three couplets all pushing in various directions, ranging from extremely understated and sparkling synth pieces, willfully "off" and deceivingly obtuse minimalist costume rock, and dark, noisy dance chaos. Fuck, isn't describing music stupid?

Not surprisingly, this show was booked by Joshaa Flores, who has long been the undisputed champion of creative booking in DFW for years.

Caddy Whompus | County Lines | The People Men (1919 Hemphill): The People Men is a new surf duo featuring Rick Vee who runs 1919, and I imagine it's pretty good since I heard the best surf record ever at 1919 that wasn't The Ventures: Live in Japan or anything by The Smashchords. Perhaps one of their kind volunteers can refresh my memory.

Fishboy | Boxcar Bandits | Delmore Pilcrow | The Angelus (Haileys)

Ishi CD Release Party/Fundraiser with Unwed Sailor | True Widow | New Fumes | Big J | Parker Lawson | Feezy | Redeye | Red Sean | Cosmic Cocks (Sons of Hermann Hall)

Hot Rods And Heels 2010 (Lakewood Theater)


Captured by Robots (Rubber Gloves)

Stinking Lizaveta | Akkolyte | Abuse Tactics (Lounge): Legendary Philly instrumental trio Stinking Lizaveta continues to shatter the myth about "female drummers" so prevalent in the male-dominated rock community, and is as equally comfortable with metal chug breakdowns as they are open-ended free form passages. An equally tough opening lineup help to make this a show well worth seeing.

3 on Sunday (Dan's)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It List: Thursday

Dire Wolf/Damages/High Anxieties/Decades/Humanerror (1919 Hemphill)

Jacuzzi Boys
/Fergus And Geronimo/Fungi Girls (The Cavern):
Can someone send me a rough copy of the Fergus And Geronimo full-length that I've heard has been completed? I really want to hear it. I promise not to play it for anyone, and I won't upload it to some elite message board, honest.

The first time I heard the Jacuzzi Boys, I dismissed them as yet another melodic garage rock band, but the more I've heard them the more I realize they have a certain amount of 60's psych influence, like some forgotten track off of a Collectables Records comp, and they're better than I thought.

Throw in the Fungi Girls, and you have a pretty solid lineup, featuring two of the best local groups I know of writing catchy, memorable rock music, minus all the "ists" and the "isms," as a great man once said.

Naxat/Diamond Age (Tradewinds): Cool lineup with the daringly complex Naxat, as well as the much more mood-based, Diamond Age, who are no less interesting, even with far fewer notes. Of course, anyone playing with Naxat is playing far fewer notes.


Don't Look In The Basement featuring "Santa Sangre" and "The Brood" (J&J's Pizza):
Event is free and starts at 8 pm.

talib kweli ticket giveaway

Howdy kids. Our buddies at over at Granada Theater have generously donated a pair of tickets to see Talib Kweli tonight and we're gonna give them away to a random human that emails us at by 5pm today with their full name in the body and "Talib Kweli" as the subject. Good luck ya'll!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It List: Wednesday

Video Rehab - Night Flight / I Want my MTV Night (Tradewinds Social Club)

A 5 hour block of vintage 80's cable TV. If you are too young to remember Night Flight it was a late night cable TV show that featured wicked music documentaries along with cutting edge and counter culture shorts. Ever seen the clip with Ronald and Nancy Reagan discussing their love for drugs? That was Night Flight. I don't know how the crew culminated all this "cream of the crop" videos but it's definitely something you won't see too often. I wish my mom wouldn't have thrown away all my 120 minutes recordings (I had about 40 tapes full) or I would throw my own party.

Lazy Magnet | Form a Log | Weak Sisters | Mindhunter | Corporate Park | Filth (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)

Another off site House of Tinnitus fling featuring the harsh sounds you have come to expect from Rob & Co's booking preferences. Show starts at nine be sure to get there on time so you can check out the aforementioned Rob in his new solo project Filth.

Tusk | Drug Mountain | To Bell the Cat (1919 Hemphill)

Tusk is visiting us all the way from California and seem to be a perfect companion piece to Drug Mountain. Tusk have a jazzier feel to them, not quite as harsh as Drug Mountain but hey what is?

| Kampfgrounds | Stew! (Boiler Room)

Art List


Open Studios
Continental Gin
3309 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226
Friday: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Or if you don't want to go see what the Continental Gin building is in person, you can read this virtual tour I just came across.

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010

Turtle Creek Artists
The Andelon Gallery
3737 Atwell Street, Suite 204, Dallas, TX
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

While I appreciate the fact that Andelon Art Gallery is "celebrating art today in Dallas, Texas", this is unfortunately one of the saddest collections of artist samples I've seen in an online Dallas gallery portfolio. I'm fairly certain "Blue Horse" was already painted by Franz Marc, at least once. "Fishermen" looks like a Gauguin except the natives are wearing jams circa 1989. At least "Taylor Pollock" isn't even trying. Be sure to check out the floating red chairs, as well. To add to the melancholia, the photographs of the works are terrible. I can't find out much of anything about this gallery or the owners except that it's kind of in Highland Park near Love Field.

Esther Ritz
The Carolina Ballroom of The Chambers
514 Jackson Street, Dallas, TX 75202
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010

Stilettos and Candy
Robb Conover
Kettle Art Gallery
2714 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Also, the Dallas Museum of Art is staying open all night Friday: "The Museum will stay open round-the-clock, offering half price ($8) exhibition tickets to see The Lens of Impressionism from midnight until 10 a.m. Saturday morning." I saw this show a few weeks ago. It's a interesting combination of early French photography techniques and a sampling of impressionist pieces, set against a narrative of the development of tourism along the Normandy coast in the mid-19th century, once the railroad started going out there from Paris and rich people could leave town. Some of the photographs are unbelievable, especially when you read about the technology involved.

Nothin' much is happening Saturday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It List: Tuesday

Once again another quiet night, kinda eerie.

Soular Power (Lee Harvey's)

Soular Power will be spinning selections from their potpourri of high class wax during half price burger night at Lee Harvey's starting around 8pm. Sounds like a nice night out in these economically challenging times.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not List Monday

Insane Clown Posse is playing tonight but who cares. I know how edgy right? Maybe you could take this night off to read a book.

Tommy Boy Posts New Mix on Vice

Our pal Tommy Boy, who was nice enough to do an exclusive WeShotJr mix for us last year (or was it 2008? I can't remember), is clearly moving on to bigger and better things these days-- he was recently asked to submit an original mix for, and he came through in a big way-- click right here to check out Tommy Boy's all Texas Vice mix, featuring locals such as Darktown Strutters, Corporate Park, Phantastes and George Quartz, among other Texas favorites. Track list:

1. George Quartz - “Coconut”
2. Phantastes - “Flight of Stares”
3. Darktown Strutters - “Silver Bullet”
4. Indian Jewelry - “Same Mistake Man”
5. Corporate Park - “Intimate Precision”
6. //TENSE// - “Versus Man (TX Love Remix 2010)”
7. Seth Nemec - “Count Zero”
8. Jake Schrock - “Trigon”
9. E.R.P. (aka Convextion) - “Frozen Volatiles”
10. DYX - “Lips in the Darkness (feat. Press-On)”
11. Submersible Machines - “Riding Theta Waves”
12. Missions - “Phantasy”
13. Medio Mutante - “Transit (Demo)”
14. MVSCLZ - “Fascination (Across The Nation)”
15. R9 - “Dreamdance”
16. edrupt - “M-U-S-I-K”
17. betdat - “Nex (Radio Edit)”
18. MKF KÜNST - “Venga (TX Love Remix 2010)”
19. Berliner Eins - “Nite Life”
20. Twisted Wires - “Hell”
21. Low Red Center - “Historic Edition”
22. S U R V I V E - “White Clouds”
23. Future Blondes - “NIGHT ANALYSIS (Oppenheimer Analysis “Behind the Shades” RMX)”
24. Psychic Violence - “U is Moon”
25. How I Quit Crack - “Gone Away”
26. xix - “1111(v7)

Monday Morning Rock

WED: Lazy Magnet/Form a Log/Weak Sisters/Mind Hunter/Corporate Park/Filth (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)
WED: Tusk/Drug Mountain (1919 Hemphill)
THR: Dire Wolf/Damages/High Anxieties/Decades (1919 Hemphill)
THR: Jacuzzi Boys/Fergus & Geronimo/Fungi Girls (The Cavern)
THR: Naxat/Diamond Age (Tradewinds)
FRI: Man Factory/Young and Brave/Slider Pines/Kaleo K (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: The Beets/When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth/Black Dotz (Lounge)
SAT: Harlem & Flight/Pvc St Gang (City Tavern)
SAT: Rovar 17/Lychgate/Habeeb/Abuse Tactics/Macho Blush/Guilt Trip/Female Demand (Majestic Dwelling of Doom)
SAT: CaddyWhompus/County Lines/The People Men (1919 Hemphill)
SAT: Fishboy/Boxcar Bandits/Delmore Pilcrow/The Angelus (Haileys)
SUN: Captured by Robots (Rubber Gloves)
SUN: Stinking Lizaveta/Akkolyte/Drug Mountain/Abuse Tactics (Lounge)

Friday, May 07, 2010



Centromatic | Matthew and the Arrogant Sea | Oh Lewis (Granada)

Imaad Wasif | True Widow | Spell Talk | Static (Rubber Gloves)

Yells at Eels

Astroblaque presents: Bass Junkies Blixaboy | DJ Red Eye| Betdat | T0MMYL33J0N3Z | Cygnus (The Lounge)

Tiger Hatchery | Lechuguillas | Drug Mountain | Akkolyte (Hailey's)


Fungi Girls | The Black Dotz | Soular Power (Tradewinds)

Florene | George Quartz | Melting Season (Rubber Gloves)

Sundress (Dan's)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

It List: Thursday

Stoned Men/Kampfgrounds/Geistheistler/Lechugillas/Drink To Victory/Modern History Duet/Forbes Young Gonzalez/Billington Hart/Zanzibar Snails (Little Guys Warehouse): Since moving to Chicago about eight months ago, I've seen more shows than I can possibly count, and most of them have consisted of bands I'm either not familiar with or barely familiar with playing at DIY spaces for free. It's been pretty fantastic-- off the top of my head, I could probably name 10-20 excellent bands that I hadn't ever heard before seeing them at this or that venue in Chicago, and I can honestly say that I've been more pleasantly surprised by music more often since I've been here than I had in quite a long time back in Texas. In fact, I've seen so much that the thought of writing about some of it has been a bit daunting due to the fact that I still feel like I have a bit to learn about some of these groups before I can speak about them with any kind of intelligence or insight.

The place I've probably frequented the most over the past several months has the Mopery, a cavernous warehouse spot on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. Inhabited by a group of (mostly) ex-Dentonites, including Mike Forbes and Andrew Young, the place has become one of my favorite places to see a show, perhaps ever, and a lot of people in the area seem to agree with me-- at just about any given performance, no matter who is playing, a few hundred people always seem to turn up to see everything from local noisepop girl groups to out of town cold wave to Wolf Eyes side projects. This evening, in addition to an extraordinarily solid Metroplex line up at Little Guys, two Chicago bands consisting of Mopery residents and their close friends will be in the house. Many of you are obviously familiar with the arrestingly intense work of Mike Forbes and Andrew Young from their various Texas based projects, but seeing them develop as Tiger Hatchery, featuring Chicago's Ben Billington on drums, has been quite a treat. Whether blowing your fucking ear drums out with screaching sax and thundering bass or confusing the shit out of punk rock kids with quiet, abstract percussion heavy pieces, Tiger Hatchery is one of the most exciting bands in a city with a lot of exciting bands, and you can catch its various memebers playing in several different projects this evening. Lechugillas, which features former Dentonites Mike Hart and Jason Camacho (as well as Chicago's Bill Satek), is a relatively new group that has quickly developed into a live force-- I caught them at their tour kick off show here in Chicago last week, and they put on one of the loudest and nastiest performances I've seen from anyone in quite some time. With songs that always seem to teeter on the brink of falling apart all together, Lechugillas's rhythm section always keeps you guessing as the group pummels the audience with overwhelming harshness and Hart's fierce vocals. It all works so well together as a whole that it just has to be seen. So stop by this show this evening and/or their performance at Hailey's tomorrow and decide for yourself. This is starting at 7PM roughly, so get over there!

Nervous Curtains/Land Mammals/Dizastra (Rubber Gloves)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Granada)

Local Q&A - Kampfgrounds

Since we here at WSJR HQ are generally too busy knocking back one dollar buttery nipples at Applebee's happy hour to get the It List up before 6 we decided to do an early post to give you the 411 on an early show happening tonight. If you were lucky enough to make it to the last show held at Little Guys you know it was a not for profit blast, but if you did miss it we have provided a link to a live performance from Denton's own Kampfgrounds . We also sent the guys a couple of questions about the nature of existence to get you all hot and bothered. Hope you enjoy.

FP: Who plays what and who have you played with previous to Kampfgrounds?

Matt: Lucas Dayton plays guitar and sings most of the songs, Thomas Little plays bass and sings the others, and I play the hard-hard drums. Luke was in a free-form-agressive-rock band called Mexican Cops and the vocalist for Last Men. Tom was in a "shitty" scream-o band in highschool and played shadow bass for the Boatlights and said "it was pretty uninspired but the lead singer said we were indie." He also plays bass and guitar in Piccline (coke-rock.) I used to play in a Grateful Dead cover band and with a group called Doyen.

Why don't you ever play real venues? Does no one ask you or do you not care about being famous or making money?

Lucas: We have played almost every show we have been offered. It happens to be that most are in residences, warehouses and basements. People stumble across fame and money like accidents, so if you are going to make a consistent effort at something, you might as well not set limits and expectations that just get in the way. We like to play shows. We will play anywhere. I hope RBar reads this.

What role do you feel the press plays in your success/failure as a band?
Tom: well, not too much, i guess. we got a writeup once from some people at impose magazine (not even sure where exactly they're located, but not here) and they called our demo our "self titled debut ep" , and i guess some people read it. so yeah, basically no impact, aside from our shows getting listed on wsjr, and then reposted on the observer and such. we have good friends that have granted us more "success" than any media thus far. specifically paperstain. them are ƚ ƚ ƚ good god fearin people ƚ ƚ ƚ like you n me.

Tell us about the lineup for Thursday. How did the booking of Little Guys come about?

Matt: Shows at the warehouse are only possible because David works for Little Guys movers. Tiger Hatchery and Lechuguillas are touring from Chicago and they are playing a show at Hailey's on Friday. Members from those groups are playing with us Thursday in Modern History Duet and Forbes Young Gonzales. Luke was in Mexican Cops with Michael Hart who's in Lechuguillas now with some random city boys. David and Justin from Drink to Victory are old friends with those guys too. Forbes, Gonzales, and Young have a release on Paperstain (David and Justin's label). Stoned Men are playing with us too, they are some real down dudes.

How have you seen the DIY scene in Denton change, if at all, these past few years.

Lucas: The house venues have changed addresses or shut down and a new breed of scenester has arrived, one i like to call "the sensitive folkster". I don't know if these types like to rock so much. the jury is deliberating. maybe i would say it is a demographic bifurcation.

Not that we give any validity to the haters, but do you have anything you would like to say to them?
Lucas: Mostly, people have been really nice to us. At least to our faces. We could use some haters and hecklers.

Matt: We had some trouble with a stiff local booking entity some time ago but shows keep falling into our laps. People in bands I have always loved seem to really like our stuff like we were born with a silver spune in our mouth.

Tom: In the case of said stiff local booking entity, the way that it was conveyed back to me indicated that we upset them, with specific mention of feelings being hurt. this would, in fact, make us haters, i suppose. what about that? :/ we've got Sloan our side i think.

Kampfgrounds - The Idiot - Live A Paperstain Showcase 3/14/10

Check out Kamfgrounds along with Stoned Men / Drink to Victory / Akkolyte / Modern History Duet /Forbes, Young, and Gonzalez / Gonzalez, Billington, and Hart / Zanzibar Snails today starting at 5pm at Little Guys Movers in Denton. RSVP

Art List


Juarez Paintings (Sam Reveles)
Come, all that is quiet (Robyn O'Neil)
Dunn and Brown Contemporary Gallery
5020 Tracy Street, Dallas, TX 75205
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

FRIDAY, MAY 7, 2010

I Do, I Did, I'm Done
Wendy Fahle
Kettle Art Gallery
2714 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Open Studios
800 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Distances (Billy Hassell)
This is Where You Live, This is Where I Live, This is Where We Live (Leticia Gomez)
Conduit Gallery
1626 C Hi Line Drive, Dallas, TX 75207
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Super Nature
Douglas Cartmel
Marty Walker Gallery
2135 Farrington Street, Dallas, TX 75207
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Live Feed - Darktown Strutters/Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa - Rubber Gloves May 4th

It List: Wednesday

Video Rehab: "Bimbo Babylon" (Tradewinds)

This week's main feature is the Anna Nicole Smith's Skyscraper Unfortunately it is not the 4 hour director's cut so to fill the rest of the night out there will be clips from other "bimbo" films.

Cinco de Mayo with DJ Leeds (Rubber Gloves)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not New Music Tuesday

Human Leauge23.11.1980 Kant Kino,Berlin

I am a fan of all incarnations of Human Leauge, even the bizarrely instrumental heavy 2001 comeback Secrets. Without a doubt though my favorite stage in the synth pop giants career is the original Martin Ware, Ian Marsh and of course Phil Oakey lineup. Which just so happens to be finely represented here by this live recording made in 1980 right before the band broke up because of Oakey's handsomeness.

Before recruiting the two femme fatales that would come to define the Human Leauge sound and look, the Leauge was a decidedly darker affair. If you have never heard heir debut Reproduction with it's amazing cover and equally skewed out look on the future of the world's discos you should do so immediately. This collection of songs draws from that album plus the lesser but still danceably harrowing Travelogue. The set also has some rarities/oddities like the cover of Judas Priest's Together we Will Take on the World and the Adrian Wright penned Boys and Girls which was only released much later on a Travelouge re-issue.

I had another album planned for this week but I was reminded of this little gem after thinking about one of my local favorites Darktown Strutters. They both share a dark and menacing take on dance pop that I wish more artist would explore. Grooving is much more fun when it's to the optimistic back beat of the apocalypse.

comfort kills

It List: Tuesday

Sorry, something unexpected came up this afternoon, so no clever writing for today.

Arrington de Dinoyso Darktown Strutters Final Club Drug Mountain (Rubber Gloves)

Monday, May 03, 2010

It List: Monday

Usual Monday with Cool Out and Jazz at The Amsterdam, however it's in unusual Monday, since local Film blog Gordon And The Whale is hosting a free screening of the new film, Exit Through The Gift Shop, which bills itself as the "World's first Street Art Disaster Movie" and is the creation of world-famous yet anonymous street artist Banksy. Entrance is free along with a printed-out copy of the Facebook invite, which you can get by "liking" Gordon And The Whale on Facebook. The Sour Grapes graffiti crew will be in attendance, and there is a possible Q&A afterward as time permits.

Bansky's art and publicity technique may be too gimmicky for some to stomach, but whatever you think of him, you can't dispute the truth of this quote, or at least, we certainly can't:

"Nobody ever listened to me until they didn't know who I was."

Yeah, that seems familiar. Film is at 7:30 PM at The Angelika at Mockingbird Station.

Monday Morning Rock

TUE: Arrington de Dinoyso/Darktown Strutters/Final Club/Drug Mountain (Rubber Gloves)
THR: Stoned Men/Kampfgrounds/Drink to Victory/Akkolyte/Modern History Duet/Forbes Young Gonzalez/Billington Hart/Zanzibar Snails (Little Guys Warehouse)
THR: Nervous Curtains/Land Mammals/Dizastra (Rubber Gloves)
THR: Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Granada)
FRI: Centromatic/Matthew and the Arrogant Sea/Oh Lewis (Granada)
FRI: Imaad Wasif/True Widow/The Naked Eyes/Static (Rubber Gloves)
FRI: Yells at Eels (Tradewinds)
FRI: Tiger Hatchery/Lechuguillas/Drug Mountain/Akkolyte (Hailey's)
SAT: Fungi Girls/The Black Dotz/Soular Power (Tradewinds)
SAT: Florene/George Quartz/Melting Season (Rubber Gloves)
SAT: Sundress (Dan's)